Sunny Feng Han, a Founder of Elastos and the Manhattan Project, has officially announced his Super Node distribution to the community.

100% of rewards earned for the “Sunny Feng Han” Supernode will be given to the community with expenses being taken care of by Sunny himself. He responded in his tweet that these 100% rewards will be given to the community forever and will not changed. His Supernode has catapulted to a whopping 1.98 million+ votes with 773 unique voters. The community has clearly sent a message of support to Mr. Han in his selfless endeavor to secure the Elastos network.

Sunny boasted three important fundamentals that Elastos currently has.

  1.   The Elastos Network has the most computing power behind Bitcoin with 45% of BTC’s hash rate.
  2.   The Mytoken platform shows that Elastos ranks 34th in the world in cloud development activity amongst all other crypto projects in the industry.
  3.   Video and article content in the Elastos community ranks among the best in the entire crypto space.

Sunny has also made a very generous contribution to gifting CR Press with its very own Supernode. We at CR Press would like to continue creating the best content we can and Voting for the CR Press Supernode is the best way to support our content creators. We act as a major piece in the marketing machine and we spread the word about CR and Elastos each and every week.

In other news, Sunny has been working his contacts with high level executives and institutions. On June 14th he posted a tweet about meeting with leaders of the Hong Kong community. 

His goal, as always, is to show the value in Elastos and spur adoption. Sunny and the Manhattan Project Fund met with people at the UPenn Wharton Blockchain Roundtable and UPenn Blockchain Conference 2019. They were very encouraged to meet several brilliant minds and share innovative ideas regarding the future. 

Then, on June 23rd, Sunny met with Alibaba’s Vice President Goa Hongbin

They discussed the big news that came out regarding Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra, and they also had discussions about Elastos as well.


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