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Every Voter can vote on 36 Supernodes

Supernode Acquisition

Delegates must reserve 5000 ELA per Supernode

Voting Mechanics

Delegates cannot use reserved ELA to vote

The CR Press Sponsor Nodes are Supernodes that are actively demonstrating their commitment to the CR Ecosystem with regular contributions to CR Press.

This section recognizes nodes that understand the value of education, news, and social awareness for the whole ecosystem, which is why these nodes have special placement in our list of Supernodes.

Additionally, as the CR Press continues to grow, we will build up our treasury for major initiatives in the future.  Our treasury funds will be used to vote for our Supernode Sponsors.  Learn more about Supernode Sponsors and benifits here.

Sunny Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos, is also running a supernode announced here:

Sunny, aside from his work in Elastos, is the Founder of MIT IDE Blockchain Pillar Foundation, an Instructor at Tsinghua University’s iCenter, Secretary General of Asian Blockchain DACA (Distributed Autonomous Coalition of Asia), Leading Editor of the books, “Blockchain, Blueprint of a New Economy”, “Blockchain Development and Examples”, “Blockchain: Quantum Wealth”, etc.  He’s also the Course Designer of Tsinghua University’s graduate course series, “Cyber Intelligence Economics and Blockchain”.

This is a diversified group of 12 members who are looking to run three nodes in the U.S.A. The members are geographically decentralized, you can find them in U.S.A, Canada, France, Netherlands, the United Kingdom & Australia. The team states, “We intend to set up cloud servers and transition into our own dedicated servers. Their incentives or as they like to call them (Berry Rewards) will be very generous at start for voters and will follow an inflationary model like Elastos. The Wild Strawberry Super-Nodes have the primary objective to secure the network at all costs. Their secondary objective is to develop and connect the Elastos Ecosystem through various means. Like wild strawberries, we intend to grow and develop everywhere, technical or social, because we consider the two elements necessary for a working elastic & evolving network. Our vision is wild, like us.

The 6 values The Strawberry Super Nodes stand for:

Empathy – Genuine human interaction

Grit – Results come from mistakes

Patience – Because fast and good don’t coexist in perfection

Community – Only together could we create something great

Stability – A secure network a strong team

Openness – Because transparency builds trust

Follow the Strawberry SuperNodes on their official social media channels:

Website :

E-mail :





Our Vision

Elaforestnode (EFN) is a supernode group created by cryptocurrency enthousiasts and Cyber Republicans Michael and Giel Boes. Two Dutch Elastonian brothers, whose mission it is to plant over 1 milion trees by 2025. So far we’ve accomplished to plant almost 39.000trees.

We’re partnering with WeForestin order to start the EFN foundation. Elastos holders are able to vote on EFN utilizing dedicated and secure wallets. Beside getting a nice reward, EFN voters will be contributing to ecological development on a global scale. 

For now our focus is on planting trees. In the future we’ll look into other options aswell, e.g. ocean cleanup or wildlife preservation.

Our Mission

It is our primary objective to secure the Elastos network. For our server configuration, we have chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) for they are well known, reliable, scalable and very robust.

Our secondary objective is to plant as many trees as possible on a global scale. Deforestation, marine pollution and animal extinction require immediate and ambitious action to prevent the worst effects it can have all over the world. EFN intents to counter the indirect impact Bitcoins’ high energy cost Proof of Work has on our enviroment with proactive, real-world strategies.

Elate.CH is a group from Switzerland made up of inspired enthusiasts of the Cyber Republic and Elastos. You can follow them on their website: Elate.CH or on their Telegram: @Elatech.

The following is a statement written by the group which covers what they are offering: “Elate.CH was established as an enthusiastic pool of people sharing their common vision of a new Internet: the Internet we deserve. We’ve been enchanted by Elastos since its establishment, and we fully support the vision brought forward by the Elastos Foundation and the CR.  We want to offer our contribution by running a DPoS supernode within the rising Elastos ecosystem.

“We’ll be hosting our node from Switzerland. We are fine-tuning our reward formula, but voters can anticipate a better reward to early voters.  We aim to position ourselves amongst other leaders in regards to revenue shared with our voting community. Let’s connect! I’m Gabriele, founder of Elate.CH and an enthusiastic entrepreneur that co-founded, a blockchain venture with the mission to make the decentralised economy accessible to anyone.  Be Elated to see the Elastos ecosystem blossom before your eyes!”



If you’re seeking to update or submit new supernode information. Please make a request on the CR Press Forum. Our administrators will be checking daily.

AllianceBlock is a decentralized, smart, and sustainable platform for the new age of Investment Banking. In order to learn more about their company and updates on their Supernode status, read our interview with them at the end of this weekly, and visit:

Twitter (@allianceblock)

Telegram (@allianceblock)

Website (

Reddit (

Medium (

Their ICOPC community channel has more than 500 private members with high profiles, most of which are CR and Elastos supporters. Alliance Block will be hosting their Supernode via AWS Cloud. The team is composed of four people, three of which have experience working at companies such as Barclays, JP Morgan, and PostNP.

Here is a statement by the team regarding their mission statement of hosting a Supernode in the Cyber Republic ecosystem: 

“AllianceBlock is an ecosystem of investment.  We want to build the foundation of investment banking 2.0 through decentralization. We can bring more awareness about Elastos and the CR, onboard partners to our ecosystem, bring new investors, decentralized social networks, even create an E-learning platform with podcasts and streaming video that the CR could participate in to educate others about Elastos, too.”

Bitett is a Chinese media outlet for blockchain. Check out their website here: ( Here is a written statement by the team, “As one of the earliest partners of Elastos, Bitett believes in the vision of Elastos and the community governance model it introduces. In this DPoS node election, we hope to be elected as one of the 36 active nodes, to contribute ourselves in maintaining the fairness of network security and consensus mechanisms, as well as steady growth of Elastos in the long-run. Currently there are 4 major members in Bitett node, including operation and development. In the later stage of the DPoS node election, we will recruit community operating members when needed. We have considered rewarding the members who have voted for us and more details will be released in the coming future. The vision of Elastos has gradually been recognized by an increasing number of people. If you are a fan of Elastos, and if you want to contribute to the development of Elastos, join us and vote for us so that we can witness the great moment together.”

“BIT.GAME is an important entrance to the blockchain game field for the Elastos. Through participating in this DPoS election, BIT.GAME hopes that more community members can recognize the benefits that blockchain games bring to the Elastos ecosystem. If we are elected, the node rewards will mainly be used to provide various ELA blockchain games with liquidity through the Higgs network, and the rest is allocated to voting supporters. The members of the BIT.GAME node are composed of the core teams of BIT.GAME, including: Ding Wang, Co-founder of BIT.GAME, current CEO of and Co-founder of Higgs Network; Yundong Sun, Co-founder of BIT.GAME, now CEO of a game distribution platform (; Sally Gong, Former Business Partner of Ontology (USA), currently co-founder of Higgs Network.

Thanks to the community members for their support of BIT.GAME. In the past year,, the world’s first blockchain game asset-trading platform, has successfully launched and achieved a steady development with some in-depth cooperation with a number of excellent blockchain games, which are in turn brought onto the Elastos ecosystem. I hope that everyone can pay more attention to these game projects, both in terms of investment potential and game content, as their qualities are of leading position in the field.”

The DHG Super Node has just announced its participation in the DPoS elections. The person in charge of the DHG Super Node is Dahuang Ge. He is a private investor in the early days of the company. The DHG node “dares to do, and stick to the same personality.” It’s election manifesto is, “Building a Community and Building Insight”.

Read about their details here:

“We feel it is very important to have the technical background or have very strong tech support. It looks like the hardware requirement isn’t too complicated, but the quality of service is very important to keep the node up and running at a good level. My team members feel they are more than capable of doing it because they are working on our cloud services anyway, and are able to quickly monitor and fix problems in a timely manner. This convinced me that maybe we could, in fact, run one with confidence.

“We don’t want to just run the elected node and profit by ourselves. It must be shareable. So the plan is simple and direct: Share the earnings with all contributors on a regular basis. To make the sharing completely fair, we can write the script to put the incentive plan in the code, and have people put their trust in the code, not the human. 

“We also need to create some tools to let each contributor view the data easily. The incentive model can be designed based on multiple factors. Since we are the team that built DMA, we have a very strong technical background to build such a script and run it in a fair way. Otherwise, we will not only lose the node, but also lose the reputation of one of the important ecosystem contributors.  

“Last but not least, the node service should be expandable. We can put more add-value services on to the servers behind the node. For example, there might be a personal cloud disk service, DMA-powered extended business-stub service, etc. It can be continuously working along the basic node service the team can offer. All these services can be hosted by any elected node if they want. The earnings can be combined with the basic node service income. Thus, the earning of running such value-added services will be the additional share to the node supporters and contributors.

“Of course, the profit share program will be placed in the code. This is the way to bring in more services around the node and let the ecosystem application grow, letting every supporter benefit from such economic growth. I’d like to share these thoughts with the community. I believe this can also be points for other participants to consider.” 

You can reach the team at

The team behind the peer-to-peer chat dApp, “ELA Chat” has formed their own Supernode group. Please check out their website ( and Telegram (@elachat) for any updates on the project and their Supernode. Here is their statement: “The infrastructure of ElaChat was powered by Elastos, and therefore we would like to have greater contribution to the development of Elastos. We hope to become one of the 36 nodes and contribute to the long-term development of Elastos. There are currently 4 members in the team and we want to recruit more members for ElaChat R&D. ElaChat is an open-source project and everyone can contribute to its development via GitHub. At present, ElaChat has integrated the DID, Carrier and SPV functions, allow authorization of necessary information for the use of third-party applications. Third-party application can be embedded in the ElaChat, just like mini programs of WeChat public accounts. We want a node to support the projects built on ElaChat ecosystem, provide node DID service and smart contract service. We are considering the reward for members who have voted for us and more details will be released in the coming future. There are always obstacles and hardship in a development of new technology, and Elastos is of no exception. At present, Elastos has been exploring its own way to realize its own value, and we believe that there will be more breakthroughs in the near future.”

ELAlliance has been covered extensively in previous issues of the CR Weekly Newsletter: and

They are now recruiting 24 node candidates (up to 30 in the case of a large applicant pool, down from the original 36) and voters. ELAlliance is not an exclusive alliance, meaning that node candidates of ELAlliance can also be members of other alliances as long as they comply with the rules set by ELAlliance. The reason for the reduction of the number of node candidates is that it allows voters to vote for 12 candidates outside the Alliance while casting all 24 votes to the those inside the Alliance to enjoy the greatest rewards. They hope to be flexible for both candidates and voters to join the ELAlliance whose aims are to benefit ELA holders who cannot obtain reward directly from the DPoS elections and prevent the potential dominance of whales.

Currently there are 22 node candidates filled, and community members are invited to apply. They have recently release their website (in Chinese) and will have the English version very soon.


WeChat: League_of_Elastos

Meet Wiktor, the brains behind the Elaphant Supernode. Wiktor’s been involved with Elastos for about a year now. He was the lead developer on the Cyber Republic website until recently. His Supernode will be located in the EU along with a second one in North America. Initially, the Supernode will be cloud-based, but Wiktor plans to migrate quickly to other solutions when needed. 

He has experience in running servers as well as support from a friend who’s also an experienced developer. Wiktor is planning to adopt a shared profit model, but the details are still being worked out. The Webpage is in beta, but it is operational at: Wiktor believes that the logical function of the node is to actively contribute to the ecosystem. Here’s Elaphant’s philosophy on helping the CR grow: “Contribution to the ecosystem, and the ultimate (inevitable) success of Elastos is–and will always be–the driving force behind our decisions.”

This group is from the Scandinavian region. Check out their Telegram (@elascand) with their website coming soon at A group member has provided a mission statement:

“We are looking to provide Elastos with increased stability, diversity, and speed by operating the supernode with highly skilled people, physically located in a country with stable infrastructure with our own servers in Sweden. We have an experienced sysadmin hopefully joining our team shortly. Elastos Scandinavia plans to hold our cost as low as possible without any loss of quality. In this way we can stay solvent longer, keeping the SN alive and giving back higher rewards to the community. First, the reward will go to paying for the cost of running the SN.  Next, to prove our quality, we plan to give most–if not all of our rewards–to the community in the beginning. In this way, we are giving away our labor until the Elastos community has built up trust and belief in Elastos Scandinavia as a quality SN.”

The team is mainly composed of developers and a member with a background in Electronics, Embedded Systems, and Measurement/Controlling Systems. is led by David Schwartz, a full stack engineer at Nash Exchange and City of Zion contributor.  David has degrees from UC Berkeley and Columbia University and is a big fan of Elastos!

While David’s work is at Nash, the management of the nodes is not related to Nash in any professional capacity.’s first initiative in the Elastos ecosystem will be to host up to 5 supernodes. While the initial goal of is supporting the signing of blocks packaged by miners, down the line, they will be evaluating other opportunities to support and develop the Elastos ecosystem.

For further information or questions, please visit or connect via email at

Enter Elastos is a supernode group created by dedicated members of the Cyber Republic like Michael S., Chris Mac, Chinicci, Dexter, Max, Adem, KenNinja, and Jeremy G who are well-known throughout the community.  What started as five members quickly grew into twelve because, “With a few more heads put together, we found that we could build something really great.” 

Their mission is to run three Supernodes (SN) with a very fair reward and highly competitive distribution that’s primary purpose is to contribute to the ecosystem in a sustainable way. They are excited to unveil this sharing model soon.

The three SN’s will be named Callisto, Ganymede, and Titan, after the biggest moons in the Solar System, and each node would be run in a different continent as the team is composed of members from several countries: U.S.A., Morocco, New Zealand, England, Germany, Austria, and Belgium.  This will ensure diverse distribution of the Supernodes. In terms of developing a script to streamline the payouts, there are experienced coders and programmers in the pool that will take care of this code and ensure that it’s 100% conducted through smart contracts and scripts. They are also considering using the open-sourced script by Strauss after its development.  Also, prominent CR member Michael S. has a personal Supernode called the Houston Node (TIDA Member) that he’s hoping to run from his hometown in Houston, Texas, and he looks forward to contributing to the DPoS Consensus.

“Elastos community should not be unfamiliar with ELAfish, or FishChain, as it is one of the very first blockchain games that enables ELA mining.”


“Eye worm”: Graduated from Peking University Life Science Academy, the major planner of “Bubble Fish”, senior game system and numerical planning.

“Bear Crow”: Art Partner, graduated from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts and French MJM Art and Design Institute, the artistic director of “Bubble Fish”.

“Butterfly”: Technical Partner, obtained Master Degree from the Department of Mathematics, Peking University, Senior Architect, proficient in blockchain technology and traditional Internet technology.

“Jacky Cheung”: Executive Director, “Bubble Fish” Business and Public Relations Officer, years of experience in gaming product operations.

“Light”: Director of Operations, responsible for the operation of “Bubble Fish”, many years of experience in media operations.

“Hong16”: Art Director, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, the creator of “Bubble Fish”.

“Whitehead Scholar”: Technical Director, Server and Blockchain, with many years of experience in large-scale online game development and artificial intelligence development.

“Jelly”: Product Director, chief programmer of client side, with many years of experience in web mobile game and securities trading software client development.”

The creators of Hyper.IM and Hyper Connect will be running their own supernode. It will be hosted on AWS cloud servers in Germany. As far as divvying up rewards, the Hyper team looks to align with the average of other nodes and also, “As CR tasks have been paused, we plan to bring them back by sharing rewards with contributors and keeping voters updated about achievements by community members. By sharing rewards with voters as well as to contributors to the Elastos ecosystem, we hope to grow with the community.  The rest will be invested toward marketing Hyper Messenger.” They will market their supernode through a dedicated website and their various social media outlets. 

Peter Strauss of Hyper has also decided to help create a script for all Supernodes in order to automate the distribution of rewards to voters and team members. Read more about his work here:

A number of supernode candidates have come together to form International Decentralized Elastos Alliance.  Due to concerns about over-centralization, they hope to be a clear example of full decentralization. 

At the moment, the countries represented are: Scandinavia (Elastos Scandinavia), Switzerland (Elate.CH), France (Orion), Russia (Northern Lights), Thailand (Thai ElaDev), China (Tyro Lee), US (Houston and Starfish), Italy (Vitruvian Node), Austria-US-Morocco-New Zealand-England-Germany-Belgium (Enter Elastos Node, Hyper), and France-US-Canada (Wild Strawberries Node).  

This Alliance believes that the perfect DPoS network is when there is distribution of nodes in at least five continents and twenty countries, which they will try to guarantee as an alliance.  Any node that is against centralization is welcome to join.

Recently, the Elastos ecosystem partner, ioeX, has announced that they will be running a Supernode as a part of the Elastos DPoS Consensus.

We are the Elastos Telegram moderators team and have formed a Supernode group for the Elastos Ecosystem. We have created a dedicated website to promote our Supernode and plan on hosting two supernodes on the cloud spread geographically.


We are the Elastos Noderators! We are a diverse group consisting of Elastos moderators and team members, and with your help, we plan to run at least two supernodes. Our team members include: Gandhi, T.I., C00mbsie, Pmhee555, Austrader, Murph, Multastoy,  Michael S, Dave (michaeldave25 on reddit), Axis (Marcus S), and of course KP. We are spread all around the world in countries such as Finland, South Africa, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Indonesia. If you have been active in the community, you likely know and have interacted with all of us in many instances. As many of you know, we are some of the biggest Elastos fans out there, and we have been extremely devoted to this community for a long time. We absolutely love interacting with this amazing community each and every day. Whether it be with problems, concerns, or just dreaming of a new internet, we are committed to servicing this community in any way possible. We feel that our strong belief and long term devoutness to the Elastos project, along with our dedication to the Cyber Republic, is enough to guarantee that we have the Elastos community’s best interests in mind when it comes to running a supernode. The Noderators will uphold a pledge to run our supernodes with decentralization, fairness, and the betterment of the Smart-Web in mind. By supporting us, you also support various initiatives funded by the rewards that will directly benefit the Elastos ecosystem. We hope to run one supernode in Europe/Africa and another supernode in North America.

What is our purpose?

  • Our goal is not to attract voters through rewards. We think we are able to utilize the rewards by giving back to the community through continuous support, website development, providing moderators support for other Elastos ecosystem projects in early stage. It’s very hard for new and upcoming dapps and projects to set up a community and because we are a team of moderators and have gone through the ups and downs of managing the community, we know how to grow the community organically
  • Our goal is to work towards creating more decentralization in the Elastos ecosystem. We have no ill will against other alliances when it comes to running supernodes but we have decided to not join any alliances in the spirit of decentralization. We may succeed in this endeavour or we may not but we will continually work towards promoting elastos in a meaningful way and we want people to vote for us because they believe in the value we provide for the community and as such, we hope to have a strong community behind us and their support for us

Voter Payout System

  • Net revenue model: Reward between team members and voters split up 50:50 after all expenses like maintenance costs are taken out
  • 50% of net revenue to voters distributed equally
  • 25% of net revenue for the team to fund our time and resources and everything we do (website development, building helpful tools for Elastos users, help kickstart and manage new and upcoming dapps and projects building on Elastos ecosystem, etc)
  • 25% of net revenue for noderator team
  • Rough Voter Reward = (Expenses – Team Payout – Support Fund)/(# of voters)
  • Because the expenses for the infrastructure is paid to service providers on a monthly basis, the rewards will be distributed to the voters on a monthly basis
  • Because the rewards are distributed on a monthly basis, each voter will have to have cast their vote for the entirety of that month to receive rewards
  • We will continually change the rewarding scheme in the future by releasing articles on our blog, looking for improvements and suggestions and then later implementing it into our system

Website Structure

  • Main site:
  • Elastos Dedicated site:
  • Blog to release our original articles:
  • Future: We hope to build dedicated subdomains related to specific purpose or specific dapps and projects built on Elastos ecosystem

Rough Roadmap for our website(

  • Keep track of Noderators supernodes, the supernode hardware stats and the voter stats(real time or daily basis)
  • Keep track of number of new DIDs(real time or daily basis – similar to peerjet but for DID)
  • Display number of transactions on the Elastos network(daily or weekly basis)
  • Give people the ability to watch “addresses” so any transactions that happen on that wallet address, people can get notified
  • Auto retrieve supernode list, their number of voters/votes, other info, etc
  • Add a graph for ELA hashrate and compare to BTC hashrate and display it on a real time graph. Take inspirations from
  • Calculate the total ELA that have been used for voting of supernodes. This will make it easy to track how many ELA are actually circulating
  • Maybe: Implement Vote from website that takes you to elephant wallet from where your ELA is used for voting for our supernode directly

Social Media

Telegram group (

Twitter (

Website (

The Northern Lights Supernode has three members from the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Northern Lights plans on hosting its Supernode on their own high-efficiency server based in Belarus. Here is a written statement by the team: “We are active people in social media and some of us manage well-known telegram groups such as, fishchain, and of course the Elastos Russia telegram group. Having the advantage of being heard, we can disseminate information easily and help the Elastos ecosystem grow faster and become more decentralized.

“We are going to create social media resources in Russian such as twitter, medium, our own website in order to promote the Supernode, bring the huge Russian-speaking audience together, and shed more light on the future of Elastos. In addition to social activity, we have a strong technical background with an enthusiastic and experienced sysadmin on our team. As for sharing rewards with voters, we are not going to stand out amongst others; we want to be fair with the community and we will abide by the average rewards. We call ourselves Northern Lights because everyone who has ever seen this unique nature phenomenon would never forget it. We believe in love at first sight because of the unique phenomenon of technology that Elastos is. Northern Lights – once seen, never forgotten.”

The Orion supernode is composed of two brothers from the country of France. Here is the dedicated statement they’ve made for the community:

“We are two brothers who fell in love with the vision of Rong Chen. We discovered Elastos with the first video of Blockchain Brad and we never quit following the project since then. 

Our mission is to run a node in France and we’ve decided to call it Orion for three reasons :

1. When we were young, we used to live on a boat with our family.  The boat was named “Orion”.

2. Orion is a prominent constellation located on the Celestial Equator and visible throughout the world. This symbolizes our vision of decentralization.

3. Orion in mythology is a hunter who can defeat anything. This is our vision of a ELA Supernode that’s here to protect.

We will use a French cloud called OVH. We plan to stay in France in order to be the most decentralized solution we can offer for the time being. We do not look for enormous profit and we are attached to the idea of rewarding the community and participating in the ecosystem in a sustainable way. Therefore we are part of the International Decentralized Elastos Alliance (IDEA).

Concerning communications, we will put in place an email address with Medium. You can use the email address to contact us. We will publish an article on Medium two times a year on Elastos and the developments in France. We have no democratic power as a node but we can use that exposure to talk about the developments of Elastos in France. We hope this exposure can be useful in order to make the French information available to the world. We also think turnover is necessary in the DPoS supernode area. We would like to think with Elastonians about how we can work towards more decentralization. We believe everybody should own ELA.”

RUOLON Node is comprised of three members with similar interests in the Elastos Ecosystem. A statement from the team: “The RUOLAN node will, as always, closely follow the Elastos project to realize a safe, credible, and decentralized Internet dream. A generation of Internet people will continue to face the dream of success!” RUOLON Node has also announced a new Supernode Alliance that proposes a “cross-reciprocal investment solution” for voters and nodes.

They hope to achieve a voting mechanism that includes independent nodes that are capable of co-prosperity and symbiosis. Check out the Supernode campaign alliance website here:

Meet the Starfish Supernode. They are comprised of eager members of the Cyber Republic from North America and Europe. The following is a message from the team: 

“The Starfish Supernode is a group of 5 members from the U.S. and the U.K. who support the vision of Elastos and are eager to be a cog in the upcoming smart web. Our pool members have backgrounds in information technology, engineering, product innovation and management, system administration, and digital forensics. Over time, we hope to mature into a trusted entity within the Elastos ecosystem.  

“We chose the starfish as our logo as it embodies a decentralized network. Much like the open system proposed by the Cyber Republic, a starfish has no head and therefore no central point of control. Instead, a starfish’s organs are duplicated in each arm. If a starfish is bisected, it will regenerate into two starfish. 

“The system can be altered, but not destroyed.  It is in this manner that we believe Elastos can survive and thrive. Much like the starfish, our slogan, ‘Strength in distribution’, encapsulates all we stand for. Accordingly, the members of the pool have agreed to limit our organization to a single supernode in an effort to spread the network consensus duties amongst as many independent parties as possible. The team plans to run a two to three server configuration on a major cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Vultr, etc.) with a migration plan in place in the event of extraordinary circumstances such as corporate or government censorship.

“We intend to provide percentage-based voter incentives competitive with market rates and we will reward voter loyalty. In the early stages, any profits awarded to us will be used to pay operational expenses and reinvested into future projects that we have planned to support the Elastos ecosystem and the Cyber Republic. The goal is to make the Starfish organization more than just a supernode pool. We hope to be able to market ourselves through these projects in addition to our website ( and social media outlets twitter (, telegram ( and medium (

Shijui TV has recently announced their campaign to run a Supernode, joining other ecosystem partners such as Viewchain,  ioeX, Hyper, DMA and more.

The community’s very own Telegram administrator “T.I.” will be running his own Supernode. It will be run on a cloud service system like AWS. T.I. is the sole contributor to the ELA News website and is very passionate about dedicating his time to the community.

T.I. says this about rewards: “ELA News has been run and maintained solely by myself without any funding. I wish to expand ELA News with more content through funding from the supernode rewards as I do not have so much time on my hands. However, I hope to distribute rewards according to market expenses, or perhaps slightly under that to cover running the node and expanding ELA News at the same time. ELA News has a dedicated readership, and I hope readers will support my vision”. 

T.I will be looking for an open source script that all community members can use for distributing rewards to voters. He will have a dedicated page on ELA News for DPoS, and his Supernode will be marketed through the ELA News Twitter account. 

T.I. has these final words, “I hope for ELA News to be the best resource for the community to be kept abreast of everything Elastos. Make sure to follow us on our Twitter page: and continue reading

“Sincerely, T.I.”

Tyro Lee, the creator of the Elastos English and Chinese Telegram groups, will be running his own Supernode. Tyro has been an active community member from day 1. He’s already created a website to promote his Supernode.

He will also be promoting his SN on Wechat (breathinsmog (Little Black Wolf Tyro Lee)) and Twitter (@elastos_news (Just a Fan of Elastos)). Tyro plans to host his node on the Huawei Cloud. Tyro is still figuring out the rewards for voters. Regarding his logo, it represents a wolf that is “shouting to the sky of Elastos”. Tyro views this as a sign that we as a community are invincible and successful. Here’s an excerpt of what Tyro says to the community on his website, “I joined the Elastos community since August 2017, and I’ve been through so much with this project, I believe in Elastos and I will continuously support it.  I hope you can vote my Elastos super node “TYROLEE”. Thanks for your vote!”

ViewChain announced its participation in the Elastos DPoS Node Election. ViewChain is one of the world’s largest decentralized storage networks with nearly 600 million users worldwide. Its management team highly recognizes the unique concept of the future development of the next generation Internet by Elastos, as well as its ability in R&D of peer-to-peer distributed trusted Internet operating system. Therefore, ViewChain became one of the first ecological partners of Elastos at the beginning of 2018.

By the end of 2018, ViewChain began to implement ELA commercialization for its own users in Myanmar. Users can obtain ELA by completing various tasks in the digital wallet, and can also use the acquired ELA to participate in the lottery and get mobile phone airtime. 150,000 users received ELA within a month. In March 2019, the mobile game with the built-in ELA wallet has also been available. Users can exchange the ELA in the wallet for the game currency, leading to faster growth of the user base. At present, there are already accumulated 500,000 Myanmar mobile phone users who have registered ELA wallets and own ELA. The daily active ELA transactions have exceeded 15,000.

ViewChain plans to introduce ELA as a user incentive and payment method in more Internet applications in addition to lottery, win-loss, and mobile games, and they will help Elastos to jointly build the next generation Internet.

Details on their Supernode rewards and setup are yet to be released.

A team of 10 Elastos enthusiasts are looking to run a Supernode based out of Italy. The Supernode will be run by one of the team member’s in-house servers. Team member Damiano explains how the team plans to divvying up rewards to voters: “Our pool has 10 participants, all with different quotas. Therefore, every decision will be divided according to the percentage of entry. Our strategy will vary a lot. The focal point will always be to reward voters in the most appropriate way possible.” 

The team plans on utilizing an open source solution that the whole community can use when it becomes available.  Damiano is very active on social media as he manages several groups with around 20k members; he is the admin of Elastos Italia. With his active channels and social outreach, the team feels very confident that they will promote their supernode effectively. This group prioritizes transparency and communication with the community and looks to act in the best interests of the Cyber Republic ecosystem. Please check out the Vitruvian Supernode’s Twitter here:

Wefilmchain is an ecosystem partner of Elastos that seeks to provide a decentralized media production and distribution channel for small producers. Their plan is to host the SN via a cloud service like AWS or GCP per Elastos Supernode specs recommendation. They are still in discussions about hosting two nodes: one in the U.S.A and one in Canada. The following is a statement made by the team:

“Wefilmchain, a developer within the Elastos Community, intends to support a  supernode with their qualified development team. Rewards will be shareable with contributors on a regular basis. The team plans on utilizing and contributing toward an open source solution that the whole community can use so contributors are properly incentivized and can view data in a simple way. Future enhancements might include rewards for participants hosting music or video files for the Dapp that we are creating. We value transparency, creativity, and education. We have strong ties to entertainment and content creation communities and look forward to educating and reaching out to those groups to spread the word about the Elastos Ecosystem and the profound value and potential that it holds for ever-growing global market.”