The Manhattan Fund

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Before we start talking about the Manhattan Project Fund perhaps it’s best to shed some light on the man who started pulling the strings. Sunny Feng Han is the creator of the ManhattanProject Fund.

Sunny is co-founder to the Elastos Project and is an active member of the community. From meetings with Vice president of Alibaba to hosting a supernode that gives away 100% rewards to the community, he is known and loved part of the ecosystem. 

Sunny created the Manhattan Fund to invest into the Modern Internet. Their website gives more context as to the Fund’s purpose:

“Manhattan Project Fund invests in the Modern Internet on the theme of decentralization. Initiated by Feng Han, a veteran crypto investor, and backed by several institutional and angel crypto investors, Manhattan Project Fund strives to grow with the Modern Internet, spot disrupting killer decentralized applications, and invest in cryptos.”

Their website also attempts to describe their investment strategies which is based upon 3 primary Investment Philosophies. These philosophies are:

  1. Research-driven Investments 
  2. Flexible Incubations
  3. Value-investing

Thus far, their websites lists 3 companies they are in collaborations with to further the modern internet:

  • Ethereum
  • Neo
  • Top Network

While we are aware that Top Network and the Elastos foundation are collaborating professionally to provide premium services utilizing the Elastos Carrier, not much is known about the Fund’s ongoing relationships with Ethereum and Neo.

While the Manhattan Fund did not give a full list of their staff, they did openly share the background of their team: MIT, Tencent, Deloitte are just a few of the major names listed on their website.

Thus far, that is all there is to know about the Manhattan Fund. We have seen proposals which involved the World Bank and the Manhattan Fund but we’ll cover that in another release!

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