Chill Zone X CR Press – Top Picks of 2020 (Part 1)

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Famous Amos Thomas released his video,“Top Picks of 2020” which highlights 5 crypto projects. The first being Elastos, followed by Quant Network, Decentraland, Origin Trail, and Constellation Network. 

Amos explains Elastos as the world’s first network OS. With the browser released in Jan 2020, elastOS is the most secure, decentralized portal to the internet in the world. He then speaks about how the elastOS dapp store truly separates itself from centralized behemoths such as Google Play and Apple Stores. Elastos can catapult itself into the upper echelons of the Web 3.0.

Quant Network is another favorite of Amos. He explains the Overledger OS and how it gives developers the ability to build multi-chain applications called “maps”. Interoperability is another strong suit of the Quant Network with its ability to work with other blockchains. The project has partnerships with Simba Chain who’s working on a $10 million messaging system for the US Naval Force and Supply Chain Management with the US Air Force. Quant Supernodes are coming in 2020. 

As suggested by Elastos member ‘Guinnessstache’, Decentraland is a virtual world owned by its users. People in this virtual world can purchase parcels and hire builders to build homes. You can purchase and bid on land, create an avatar and explore the digital world. The official Public Launch is on February 20, 2020.

The fourth project Amos covers is Origin Trail.  It’s an open-source protocol for trusted data exchange in global supply chains. Amos describes Origin Trail as Hyperledger on steroids due to its open-source nature. Oracle has formed an official partnership with Origin Trail. The project has also partnered with the UK National Standards Body partner to increase Supply Chain transparency. 

The last project is Constellation Network. Amos drops the “sleeping giant” tag on this project. Chain Link and the aforementioned Quant Network have entered official partnerships with Constellation Network. The project claims to be the only blockchain designed for big data with security and scalability. The network will have the infrastructure to host an open decentralized data marketplace and an enterprise-grade software solution for data provenance and integrity. The US Air Force has entered a partnership with the project. While the mainnet being delayed for 1.5 months has affected the price, there’s still lots to be excited for with Constellation Network.

Stay tuned for Famous Amos’s Part II video of his “Top picks of 2020”.


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