It has been a few weeks since the DPoS Elections fully commenced. At first, the new “Elastos Wallet” was the only wallet capable of voting for Supernodes. Now, the ever-popular Elephant wallet has incorporated voting onto their platform as well. The community is excited about this development and has gone above and beyond to help others vote. The following is a set of step-by-step directions on how to vote for your favorite Supernodes in both the Official Elastos Wallet and the Elephant Wallet.

First, we have the new Elastos Wallet. As described in a previous article about the various Elastos wallets:, the Elastos Wallet “is the official wallet that is dedicated to only ELA.”

All official updates will appear in this wallet, first. Pmhee, a dedicated Elastos admin and member of the Noderators Supernode group, posted step-by-step directions on how to vote on the Elastos Wallet:

Here are the steps:

  1.   Select “Discover” on the bottom middle tab of the Elastos Wallet screen.
  2.   Click on the large “Supernode Election” graphic.
  3.   Select, “I want to vote.”
  4.   Click on the Supernode you’d like to vote for.
  5.   Select “Add to candidate list” at the bottom of the page.
  6.   After selecting the desired Supernodes, click “View candidate list”.
  7.   Select “Vote” at the bottom right.
  8.   Enter the number ELA you’re using to vote and press “Confirm”.
  9.   “Security Check” will pop up and after you input your wallet password, your vote is in!

The second wallet you can now vote with is the Elephant wallet. This wallet stores multiple digital currencies and has officially implemented voting functions. Enter Elastos, a Supernode candidate, has posted directions on how to vote on the Elephant Wallet:

  1.       Select the encircled icon with an eye in it at the middle bottom part of Elephant Wallet.
  2.       Click on the “Vote for ELA Supernodes” graphic.
  3.       Select “Authorize” from the bottom right.
  4.       Click on the Supernodes you want to vote for.
  5.       Select “Vote” at the bottom.
  6.       Select “Confirm” at the top.
  7.       Enter the Wallet’s pin number to confirm.
  8.       Select “My votes” on the bottom right to see the Supernodes you’ve voted for.

Special thanks to Supernode candidates Noderators and Enter Elastos for creating these walkthroughs to help the community vote for their favorite Supernodes.

Happy voting everyone!


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