Tuum Tech and Kiran Pachhai released a video a few days ago demoing the new Vouch dApp. KP breaks down the entire process of using Vouch as a KYC service. 

Vouch dApp allows 3rd party validators to verify important content such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Validated content then creates verifiable credentials, which can then be saved in the Vouch dApp and published at the user’s discretion. 

There’s a specific sequence in place in order to validate data and generate credentials. The sequence is as follows: 

  1. The Vouch REST API sends the DID email address to the Redis Broker. 
  2. The DID Validator Service will then receive a notification from the Redis Broker.
  3. The DID Validator Listener, which is run by the DID Validator Service, will then send a message to the email being verified. In the email there will be instructions on how you can verify your email address. 
  4. The credential is generated back through the DID Validator service, passed through the Reddis Broker and Vouch REST API, and returns into Vouch Capsule, where it can then be added into the identity application.

Vouch dApp is currently a working demo with only email validation available. Presently, Tuum Tech runs the validator. Tuum Tech plans on adding multiple validators for various services in the future. The team is currently focused on validating emails to start. Phone numbers and names will be information that can be verified in the future. All data in Vouch dApp is stored privately. The first full version of Vouch is expected to be released sometime in June. 

Many dApps and projects need to conduct KYC with their new customers in order to onboard. Instead of going through the KYC process internally, projects can simply use Vouch dApp in order to verify people’s identities. Academy will use Vouch in the future for its users. 

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