It’s the new focus of cryptocurrency investors.  Where investors once based their opinions on highly-speculative promises made by nearly any blockchain-based projects, they’ve matured to value solid and contractually verifiable initiatives.

While the hype machine still often causes erroneous price action, proven adoption and real-world use cases is the what matters most today. In result, Bitcoin dominance has risen dramatically as the vast majority of blockchain projects have not matured enough to prove themselves.  But there are still those who speculate, and when adoption comes, these investors are hoping they’re holding the token that wins the race.

One major player that has kept their silence due to US regulations is Wall Street. Many speculate that the first project to join that market will be the victor and sit on the throne above all other blockchain projects. In an almost unbelievable fashion, it appears Wall Street has begun to choose its candidates.

Quant x AX Trading

On the 8th of August a release was made by the Quant Network team stating that they have partnered with AX Trading

“The partnership aims to enable Interoperable and Regulatory-Compliant Digital Assets and Security Tokens in Capital Markets and Exchange Infrastructure by integrating Quant’s interoperability technology Overledger into AX Trading Network.

Through this partnership Overledger will enable universal interoperability for regulatory-compliant security tokens and digital assets to be traded on AX ATS, a regulated secondary trading market.”

Quant Network’s flagship project Overledger, which they describe as a Network Operating System that allows for the transference of digital assets between any blockchain, will be used to facilitate the trades of regulatory-complaint securities & digital assets in the United States.

To those unaware, red flags may be raised considering it is not a household name. CR Press decided to dive into the details to explain the significance of the partnership and the implications this may have for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

What is AX Trading

In a Telegram post by “Seq”, a Quant Network community member who performs significant research for the community, states: 

“We have partnered with AX Trading (who has investors and sponsored brokers including the likes of Credit Suisse (a Multinational Investment Bank and Financial Services company worth $27.5 billion). AX Trading is one of only 30 or so fully SEC regulated ATS Brokers, and of those 30, only a handful of those are doing Digital Assets / securities.

They already have 800 Institutional traders, and don’t confuse these with 800 rich individual investors; these are hedge funds, banks, investment banks, pension funds, insurance companies, endowment funds etc. Not only that, but they have partnered with the leading stock exchange in Europe – Euronext and Quant are also providing interoperability for all of that but also the likes of JPMorgan Coin and other Digital Assets.

Not only Securities will be traded on AX Trading’s exchange, other digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Quant could be listed and made available to these institutional investors.

Why Does It Matter

800 institutional players are readying to trade tokenized securities. The US housing market—which was 33.3 trillion dollars in 2018 alone, is one of these players.

Quant Network Housing Market

Because Overledger allows for interoperability between different digital assets, Overledger is the base layer of an industry with a global value estimated to be in the quadrillions. Overledger, and by extension the Quant Network, is the base layer upon which this new industry is being built.

As previously stated, offerings of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be there as well.

Let’s dive deeper into AX Trading’s inner circle. 

AX Trading x Euronext

AX Trading has entered an official partnership with Euronext on February 15, 2017, and in an official release clarified their partnership:

Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, today announced a strategic partnership with AX Trading, a US-based FinTech company, to create a new block trading service for equities. The platform will be based on AX Trading’s leading edge technology and owned and operated by Euronext.”

AX Trading and Euronext

Euronext is the leading stock exchange in Europe. The partnership between Euronext and AX Trading was based on the fact that Euronex will be utilizing AX Trading’s technology. Thus, if AX is now adopting Quant as their base layer, it is expected that Euronext will be next to adopt Overledger. 

Of course, without being regulatory compliant, one can considering the partnership between AX Trading and Quant Network as good as dead. Luckily, AX Trading appears to have covered all of their bases.

AX Trading x Securrency

AX Trading announced that they are in an official partnership with Securrency. Their press release (12-17-2018) states the following:

AX Trading, a technology-enabled registered broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) operator, today announced a strategic partnership with Securrency, Inc. Securrency, a provider of financial and regulatory technology products for the tokenized issuance and trading of digital securities.

Through this partnership, Securrency’s dynamic technology solution will allow AX clients to conduct secure and regulatory-compliant primary Digital Security Offerings (DSOs) and enable security tokens to eventually be listed and traded on the AX ATS, a regulated secondary trading market.

AX Trading and Securrency

The Quant Network has stated trading can begin as soon as January 2020. A digital marketplace for institutions to trade has been formed, and Quant is officially at the heart of what will possibly take all cryptocurrency/blockchain to the next level!


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