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Weekly Report – April 29th, 2019


Elections are already underway and members of the Cyber Republic are getting excited for Phase 5,when elected DPoS nodes will fully be deployed and begin finalizing Elastos’ Dual AuxPOW and DPoS Consensus mechanism.

This week, the Elastos in a Nutshell Team came out with a comprehensive video and article about Computer Networks and how it relates to Elastos Carrier. Popular YouTuber Crypto Lark released with an all encompassing Elastos video that was very well received by the community, as it was fair in both praise and critique of Elastos.  The Elastos private net has been fully updated. The ELA Republic, an Elastos Community Telegram Group, hosted Elastos’ Feng Han in an AMA.

We also have an interview with Su Yipeng–Interim Council Member of the CR, updates from the Philippines community, a discussion on FUD and potential vectors of manipulation in DPoS voting and Consensus, an update on CR Partner Hyper and the DPoS Rewards Script being programmed, and we’ll also be breaking down the Elastos affiliated wallets and what differentiates them.

Let’s get to it.

This week the Elastos in a Nutshell team came out with a very well-done article and video on Part 1 of the Elastos Carrier. The video was done by CR Press team member Amos, and you can view it here:

He explains the basics of computer networks and breaks down various network architectures. The most important aspect of the analysis is the explanation of TCP/IP and how it allows communication through the internet.

Part 1 of the article can be found here:

The team is formed by Charles Coombs, Amos Thomas, Michael Ekpo and Eric Coombs Esmail.

Popular crypto Youtuber, The Crypto Lark, reviewed Elastos and the Cyber Republic this week.

He does a very thorough job covering multiple aspects of Elastos. He goes over the TV Boxes as carrier nodes, how Supernode Voting is live, briefly explains Elastos Trinity Browser and Elastos Carrier, and gives info on the Manhatten Project, Viewchain, ioeX, Quube TV, World Bank, and the Cyber Republic!

He does bring a few criticisms forward. These topics include Exchange listings, low liquidity, no new airdrops because of regulatory fears, a large lack in communication. However, he’s optimistic that the CR, lead by our very own weekly reports, will make up for this. Thanks to Crypto Lark for taking the time to review the project!

The Elastos private net has recently been updated. The following are new features of the Elastos private net:

– Supports both CRC and Elected supernodes

– Rough example showcasing how to run a supernode on private net

– Rough example showing how to vote for a supernode

– Two registered supernodes with some votes already casted

– Updated README with more documentation on the latest changes

Feel free to give it a try and report any issues at:

Also, a video will be released separately on how to run a supernode locally. Actual configurations may vary depending on your setup.

Feel free to check out the new Elastos Private net here:

Elastos Foundation’s Feng Han conducted an AMA with community member Jon Snow this week. Some highlights include: Feng Han will be visiting Huawei next month where he was invited to give a speech. He hopes to inspire Huawei’s thoughts on the bold vision of Elastos. He mentions the Elephant wallet and how it will play a major role in enabling ELA support to all dapps. Feng also shares his experience joining the Elastos Foundation and why he believes in Rong Chen and the project overall. Check out the full Feng Han AMA on Telegram @ELAREPUBLICAMA

As always, there’s a brand new Elastos Weekly Update that we always include in the Summary section of our Weekly Updates:

Make sure to check it out for the massive amounts of technical updates, from Trinity and Hive to the Sidechain and DPoS Testing and Deployment.  

-By Jeremy G.


Last Week's Review Video

Watch Amos review the New Cyber Republic Website!

Last Week's Weekly Report

Read the latest Elastos Foundation Weekly Update here.


We have a new Cyber Republic Documentation site with relevant introductory information about the Cyber Republic, including the constitution, voting and proposals, and leadership.  Check it out here.

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Cyber Republic Citizen “Lu Ku” made this humorous poster of Amos, Rong, and Sunny

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Featured Articles

Product Manager of Elastos, Xun Dai, has shared the new release of Elastos Wallet with ELA Talk. The mobile Elastos Wallet is a simple, decentralized digital asset management tool. It is designed to give the key of the wallet to the user. All the assets are stored on the blockchain. Code is used to let every user enjoy the security as good as what a bank offers.

Here are a few Q&As with the community:

  1. Can the Elastos wallet be imported to the elephant wallet, and vice versa?

Elephant wallet mnemonics can be imported into the Elastos wallet. At present, the elephant wallet only supports a single-address wallet, so the multi-address wallet created in the Elastos wallet can’t be imported into the elephant wallet.

  1. Can Bitcoin be added?

The Elastos wallet is only for the Elastos ecosystem, and Bitcoin can’t be added in the future.

  1. Is ioeX one of the sidechains of Elastos?

In the future, the sidechain products developed on Elastos will be added to the of the Elastos wallet for management, so cross-chain transactions between the mainchain and sidechains are feasible. ioeX is not a sidechain of Elastos.

  1. Why there is no peer-to-peer communication function in the Elastos wallet?

Elastos wallet is a simple digital asset management tool. It will not add too many applications in the future. It is hoped it will become a safe, reliable, and simple tool like a calculator. The original intention of developing this Elastos wallet is that it can be a demo for Elastos technology, so I hope this wallet can keep its simplicity, focusing only on the management of the user’s digital assets.

Amos Thomas
Amos Thomas was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago. He migrated to the US at a young age. He obtained degrees from Springfield Technical Community College and Western New England University in IT. - Cyber Republic Social Media Strategist & CR Press Web Administrator