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Weekly Report – Dec 10th 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 06.46.02.pngShirt by CR Community member and Design CRcle, Martin Knight


We have a packed update this week with many highlights to share, from the second half of the merged-mining article to the accomplishment of a major DMA milestone to gateway team that is the Translation CRcle.

The Growth Marketing Team just released its monthly Cyber Republic analytics report with exciting results. There has been a 128% increase in users, 147% increase in sessions started, and 98% increase in session duration. These users are coming from all around the world, from Europe to Singapore and China to the United States.  There are certainly improvements to be had, particularly in engaging a wider demographic and improving mobile formatting, but we’ve included in this week’s update an interview with the website project lead, Wiktor, who shares some goals for the Cyber Republic website. Make sure to read it at the end of this week’s update.

As engagement with the Cyber Republic continues to increase, we’re seeing other major indicators of growth in the Elastos ecosystem: Jimmy Lipham, a recent Elastos contributor, and developer by trade, recently interviewed in one of our weekly reports, has showcased the vast amount of nodes already on the Elastos network with his Peerjet website–396,000+ nodes and counting! Upcoming smart speakers installed with Elastos nodes are being deployed around Christmas and sales of Shiju TV Boxes have reached 680k; Elastos nodes are massively increasing in number by any measurement.

Lastly, we strongly encourage you to submit a quick video describing your affinity to the Elastos project.  I Love Elastos Task

Note: Due to some confusion, we’d like to emphasize that our weekly rewards for community contributions should be seen as a “tip” and not “payment” for community contributions.  This reward was organized by the Weekly Newsletter team, and it is simply a (literal) “token of thanks” to community contributors who put effort and quality into promoting the Cyber Republic and Elastos. The Cyber Republic does not classify these funds as payment of work but rather as a token of gratitude to the contributors. If you would like to submit a project for payment, submit a task proposal on the Cyber Republic website here; otherwise, submitting content to the newsletter team should not be considered as seeking payment for work.

Highlighting Decentralized MArketing Platform(DMA)

DMA is an important part of the Elastos decentralized services strategy. It is the decentralized marketing and commerce framework on top of Elastos infrastructure. As one of the Elastos services, DMA provides support to help DApp developers build DApps through simple steps.

DMA utilizes Elastos public resources and services, such as Main Chain as ledger, SideChain DID, distributed storage, and Carrier’s P2P capability to build a digital marketing layer packed with various business logic modules. The basic DMA service modules include but are not limited to elastos.pulse, elastos.profile,, and Along with Elastos Runtime and SDKs, DMA helps developers quickly develop and deploy DApps into Elastos’ platform.

DMA Milestone Achievement

DMA completed its basic framework in mid-November and has also created a ticketing minimal viable product.

One of DMA’s primary use cases enables vendors to issue tickets to a performance on Elastos. Because digital assets issued under the ERC721 contract are non-fungible and independent, each token has unique attributes.

The vendors can set different conditions for sales and usage–such as time, location, price, and more–to create different types of tickets for performances. The tickets can be purchased in the primary market and then traded in the secondary market.

You can read the full article here:


The latest Elastos Weekly Update can be read here.

Recent CR Analytics (Week of Dec 1-7 )

Top Countries: US (24%), UK (6.8%), India (6.6%)

Visitors using mobile: 28.79%

New visitors: 1702

Pageviews: 25,611

Reminder: take a look and share feedback on these two particularly important topics: Elastos DPoS Proposal and the CR constitution.

Virtual Meetup

Past Meetup:

Upcoming Meetup: Thursday, December 20th, 2018 1:00 PM Eastern Time –

Projects Update

Cyber Republic Website

Git Activity and Updates

    • New user profile onboarding process, with a call to complete user profile
    • Reworked profile and profile editing sections
    • Added profession to user profile
    • Allowed searching for profession in member search
    • Allowed filtering for task category in Search
    • Fields that contain a user name in profile and task details are now clickable
    • Links in comments and team/task descriptions are now clickable
    • New Circles have been added under the category Developer
    • My Republic now uses a pagination element instead of infinite scroll to list tasks, projects and teams
    • Team owners and admins can now disband their (all) teams
  • Bugfixes and smaller improvements

Elastos on React Native

Git Activity and Updates

    • Updated the carrier plugin to version 0.0.2 which includes session API for both android and iOS and updated API doc
    • Difficulties on getting the cpp library to work on iOS. One of the issue was solved but the library still does not work correctly (simulator and real device)
    • Worked on implementing interaction with the Ela blockchain so that we can proceed with the  transactions
    • Worked on doing the UI for the demo app
    • Working on updating the carrier chat demo in main RN repo and move it to carrier-demo repo as the alpha carrier demo release
  • Continue developing the demo app and probably help on the development for the wallet library since there are some missing functions that need to be implemented on the demo app. x86. Also, the cpp library doesn’t interact with the chain at present

If you are a developer interested in working with the CR or Elastos, here’s a form you can fill out:

Upcoming Meetups

Meetups are the bread and butter of the ecosystem’s growth.  Be sure to attend if you’re in any of these areas:

Event Date
Elastos Melbourne (AUS) Meetup Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Elastos Brisbane (AUS) Meetup Thursday, December 13, 2018
Elastos Melbourne (AUS) Meetup Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Elastos Brisbane (AUS) Meetup Thursday, January 10, 2019


Task Spotlight:  “Elastos in a Nutshell: Merged Mining” Article (Part 2)

If you need to sharpen up your knowledge about the Elastos project, remember to check out the videos and the following article explaining Merged-Mining with Bitcoin.

The “Elastos in a Nutshell” team has taken on the goal of distilling sophisticated components of Elastos’ technical infrastructure into layman’s terms.  The second part of a 33-page discussion on merged-mining has been released by the “Elastos in a Nutshell” Cyber Republic team here.

Catch up and read part one in English here or in Chinese here.

These are tasks still in progress.  Earn some ELA with your contributions.

Top 5 New Tasks Without Owners Top 5 Tasks in Progress Top 5 Tasks in Pending State (Not Yet Approved by the CRC)
[That’s the Real One] Elastos: The Modern Internet Portuguese Translation Why Do You Love Elastos? 2019 Blockchain Connect Conference
Contributor of the Week: Dec 2th to Dec 8th CR Weekly Report for Dec 10 Global Elastos Representative Team
Create Video Explain Elastos for Beginners Elastos / Cyber Republic One Pager 10 Comic Strips Explaining Elastos
Translate the Article “We are All Human” Into Arabic

CRcle Spotlight: Translation CRcle

The Translation CRcle is quite possibly the most decentralized CRcle at this moment.  I spoke with Wang Hao, Cyber Republic’s Translation Manager, to learn more.

As the world’s gateway to the Cyber Republic, the Translation CRcle already represents the Cyber Republic’s dreamscape with members from all cultures speaking different languages, all coming together to build something incredible.

Born from the earliest of communities on Elastos, the Translation CRcle understands the needs for mutual trust through clear communication. Chinese translators have been translating important Cyber Republic documents, including these very weekly updates, and their work has significantly spread awareness of the Cyber Republic through Chinese communities–alleviating much of the confusion surrounding the token unlock.

But it’s not only Chinese-English translating groups.  For instance, the French translators have been extremely productive and organized, even creating a translation workflow to improve quality standards, and Chinicci has personally translated the “We Are All Humans” community article into Arabic.

There remains a need for more translators in languages such as Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Italian, and others but the Translation CRcle emphasizes the importance of community content contribution and someday, hopefully, there will be a translation platform for collaboration from Cyber Republic developers.


There are some new and exciting teams launching on the Cyber Republic:

Jonas Ubrig’s “Approach” seeks to create a diverse educational marketplace for the masses by linking them to reputable experts in their respective fields.

Martin Knight is proactively making strides for the Design CRcle with his “Design CRcle Idea Generation” team. This team organizes, communicates, and oversees branding missions for Elastos. They plan to provide guidance and solutions for all CRcles and Teams within the CR ecosystem.

Teams seeking additional members are:

Team Name Description
“Fenix7” by Wilson Condes Hi guys, I want to make an idea that I have come true and fortunately, this gives us the opportunity to make it come true under the cyberrepublic platform, I’m not a developer, I’m a graphic designer, but a great team is built with people who want the same goal.
“Design CRcle Idea Generation” by Martin Knight This group is for anyone that wants to suggest ideas and tasks that may help. As the Design CRcle, we are to produce and maintain clear communication under the Cyber Republic and Elastos brand image in all aspects and areas of the community. Our responsibility is to hone brand identity. Being knowledgeable of all aspects of design is important in communicating the Cyber Republic and Elastos ethos. We must be extremely aware of when our message is misinterpreted, and adapt in a way that will help our brand identity become more concise and consistent. When needed we will create new branding and designs for all CRcles that need solutions. We will be working closely with Media, Writing, and Marketing CRcles and where needed, to produce content that is consistent with brand and design guidelines. We will design assets that help the community and other CRcles, including but not limited to:
UI/UX design.Graphical assets for social media and marketing.Event content for local meet-ups.Print and digital marketing content.
We aim for simple and concise design while following our brand identity
Join us to help our community design the new internet; a safer, smarter internet!
“Brave New World” by Rog Hat If you are radically innovator, and you want to live the change you seek, by building a brave new world, new internet, decentralized web, powered by the blockchain and bitcoin technology, come to join us
“Approach” by Jonas Ubrig We recognize the increasing diversity of teachable skills & knowledge and forecast the inability of traditional educational systems to meet the resulting demand. Even today, public institutions increasingly fail to prepare students for the complex requirements of the job market. Our goal is to connect curious minds to reputable and dedicated experts in their fields, creating a marketplace for tuition.
Overcoming the inherent boundaries of schools and universities, a marketplace operating within the secure environment of the Elastos ecosystem will be able to provide a vast variety of courses, ranging from beginner level coding over piano lessons to advanced theoretical physics,; or whatever participants are willing to teach and to learn.
“Likeu” by Huiming Yang By using big data, personalized recommendation algorithm, as well as blockchain technique and token economy, we are trying to build a society to better match each other, help them to find who they are interested in, and who are the future best partner with.

Join them and get involved, or create your own, here:


This is our second week rewarding ELA to community members for their contributions however because of the lack of submissions and/or not following correct procedure as per the task description, we will be extending this task to another week(December 15th). Feel free to submit your contribution to the task here. Please make sure to read the entire task description along with the disclaimers before applying.

If you didn’t see Nate’s stunning montage video, one of last week’s top community contributions, make sure to check it out: “The Last OS”

If you’d like to have us consider your Cyber Republic-related work, make sure to apply to the task on the Cyber Republic here, otherwise, we won’t be able to consider your contribution for ELA.

Community shout-out:

Martin Knight, CR member of the Design CRcle has released a great T-shirt design featured at the top of this weekly update.  You can purchase it here:

When you share something cool for the Cyber Republic, make sure to tag it so that we can find your contribution and feature it in the Weekly Update!  #WeAreTheCyberRepublic

Additional content from the community:

Posts & Articles Videos
Compliance Article- Up for review Elastos and Merged Mining Explained (Part 1/2)
December Monthly Analytics Report from the Growth Marketing Team Intro to Elastos & the Cyber Republic | Crypto Coast Convention, Australia
Financial History is Repeating Itself, but This Time We Can Prepare Elastos on React Native Weekly Meeting – Dec 5th, 2018
Elastos DMA Completes First Milestones Elastos – The Modern Internet on the Blockchain !!
Sales of the Shijiu TV Box with Elastos Carrier have Reached 680k Units! How to install and use Elastos Android Wallet
Elastos Community Chill Zone is Open! CR Virtual Meetup: Community Q&A with KP Woods
Language Description Reference Link
Chinese Answer Tan Ken question on DigitCapsule
Chinese Talks about Faith in Bear Market: Entanglement in Community Governance
Chinese Talks about Faith in Bear Market: Problems of Democracy in the US
Chinese In-depth explanation of the use of ELA
Chinese Community Website
Chinese Community Website

Interview with a Cyber Republic Community Member: Wiktor

1) Thanks for agreeing to this interview.  Would you mind telling us a little about yourself and what your background is?  What is your role in the Cyber Republic?

My pleasure.  Thanks for having me. My name is Wiktor, and I’m the lead developer of the Cyber Republic website for a little over half a year, now. My academic background is in computer science, and I have over ten years of professional experience building enterprise applications. My passion is web frontend, but I’ve worked at every stage of the development process over the years.

2) Who else is part of your team and what kind of members are you still seeking?

At Cyber Republic, we’re a small group of passionate people from all over the world. We contribute remotely in a truly decentralized fashion via GitHub and Zoom – you know, without offices with ping pong tables in them. Most of us have full-time jobs but commit our spare time to the project we love. To join, there is a very little formal process.  You can start contributing quickly. Devs with the Node/React stack experience will feel right at home, but in the end, it’s the code that counts, so anyone wanting to learn something new can also take advantage of this opportunity.

3) We love how the Cyber Republic website is coming together, but of course, there’s always a lot more to do.  Could you give us some hints of things to come? What are the most immediate priorities that will change the way we interact with the website?

We have many cool things planned for Cyber Republic. Right now we’re finishing work on improving user profiles to allow people to project their presence on the platform and increase engagement. We want everyone to feel at home. Cyber Republic is meant to bring people together, so it should be fun and easy to use. Next, we’re changing the initial experience for newcomers, trying to be a bit less overwhelming. That’s the feedback we got from our users, so that’s obviously the most important.  Mobile experience is also an area that we will be looking at improving as a significant number of logins come from mobile devices, and it’s clear we can offer a better experience for users on the go.

4) Along a similar note, what is the grand dream for how the website is used?

We’re putting a lot effort to making sure the Cyber Republic is successful because each of us has been seduced by the vision of a new Internet that is made by the people for the people and not a weird amalgamates of greed, fraud, and corporate interests. But it’s not just a quest to make the world better. I personally think the business opportunities and growth potential of the decentralized world is considerable.  It’s important that we have an open and transparent platform to build that world on–a platform where we can build real apps and solve real problems, where we can give the power back to the users, service providers, and content creators, taking it away from the people who have misused it. It’s an exciting journey of hope, but it is also an opportunity.

5) Do you have any last thoughts to share?

Cyber Republic absolutely will become the face of Elastos in the years to come. I think the team is trying what has never been done before on this scale, which is building a self-governing, public, decentralized nation–bringing all kinds of people and economies together. This level of commitment, to allow the community to make things happen, combined with high transparency (not just by blockchain project standards) is very reassuring when the goal is as grandiose as, you know, remaking the internet. I would like to encourage everyone to get involved; such projects don’t happen very often. Don’t miss your chance.  Don’t sit on the sidelines. It’s up to us.

Thanks for your time, Wiktor!

CR Guides

Demo: CRcles, Teams, Tasks, Projects, RFPs
Demo: How To Find and Bid on Projects
Demo: How to create and apply for teams and tasks

Feel free to leave a comment with your concerns, questions, and suggestions (or praises), for the Cyber Republic.

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