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Weekly Report – Dec 17th 2018



Elastos Ledger Nano is near! By “Coranos2”


Welcome to another weekly update dedicated to the Cyber Republic ecosystem.  Five new CRcles have been added to the Cyber Republic in a new category for Developers.  These CRcles are: Devops, Front End, Back End, Testing, and Technical Writing. If you’re a developer, make sure to join these CRcles ASAP.  There is no doubt that developers are the foundation of the Cyber Republic ecosystem, so there should be no shortage of work and tasks available to the community.  

This week, several community members came together to show how to create a carrier node on the Elastos network:

On Mac, Tyler from Chico Crypto teamed up with Ace The Crypto Detective and Famous Amos in a video detailing how to download Elastos carrier (and also show how easy it is to send a p2p message on the Elachat DApp).  You can check out a written tutorial of the process from Famous Amos: Launch Your Elastos Carrier Node In 8 Simple Steps (Mac Tutorial).

On PC, Guillaume Courtois and Cyber Republic Members created a Google doc describing the steps to create a carrier node on PC. Thanks Guillaume and friends!!

Another exciting development to the Elastos ecosystem is upcoming Ledger Nano S hardware support. Coranos, a developer who has built Ledger apps for NEO and Nano, posted a picture of Elastos on a Ledger Nano S as seen at the top of this issue.  Read on to learn more about Coranos and his progress.

Ledger Progress and “Coranos” Highlight

Ledger integration has been a long awaited method of holding Elastos in cold storage.  As long as the seed is kept secure and offline, the private keys are never exposed, even when signing transactions.  Despite Jimmy’s code review, many find it difficult to trust any web wallet (currently the only official method of owning and storing your ELA) because exposing the private key–even on a personal device–remains a risk most are uncomfortable with.

“Coranos”, a developer who created ledger integration for notable projects such as Neo and Nano, spoke to us about the process.  He describes the process as fairly simple: figure how to derive a public key from a private key, how to sign a transaction, and finally, how to display amounts and addresses.

Coranos says that some coins are harder than others, citing Wanchain as trivial (it is effectively an Ethereum clone), and Neo as difficult.  Elastos will probably take almost twice as many days as NEO. The biggest limiting factor is that ledger only has 1 kB of effective RAM which limits the size of transactions that can be signed without getting “very creative” with partial signing.

When asked about his own trustworthiness as a “semi-anonymous” developer, he says that he enjoys teasing the community because he could indeed steal people’s funds–if not for Ledger’s audits.  All he would have to do is send the seed to the light wallet instead of the signature. Ledger, of course, carefully checks the code, and Coranos is not anonymous with Ledger; they know every real information of every coder that works with them, and they “look at each line of code”.  Coranos likes that ledger allows custom apps but also ensures that even low cap coins have code of the same quality as Bitcoin’s Ledger code.

Coranos dreams of building up his own team of coders.  He currently has a team of testers in Venezuela where crypto has become the best store of value amidst a destroyed economy and human rights crisis.  Because of crypto, he is seeing single moms able to afford food by doing simple tasks for crypto despite trade sanctions and power abuse that has created an environment where “everyone is poor”, and this is what Coranos is truly excited about.

And what about his progress?  Coranos has finished building a light wallet, and he’s now working on the ledger app itself.  He should be finished in several weeks. After that, everything depends on Ledger’s approval.


The latest Elastos Weekly Update can be read here.

Recent CR Analytics (Week of Dec 7-13)  

Top Browsers: Chrome (66.53%), Safari (17.89%), Firefox (7.45%)


Reminder: take a look and share feedback on these two particularly important topics: Elastos DPoS Proposal and the CR constitution.

Virtual Meetup

Past Meetup:

Upcoming Meetup: Thursday, December 20th, 2018 1:00 PM Eastern Time –

Projects Update

Cyber Republic Website

Git Activity and Updates

  • Bug Fixes and smaller improvements

Elastos on React Native

Git Activity and Updates

    • Carrier Demo with session API and added session API to transfer image or file
    • Wallet NPM iOS: Able to load the iOS library (Elastos.ELA.SPV.Cpp) to the project and “use” it
  • Wallet NPM Android: Implement communication with the ELA blockchain and get balance info

If you are a developer interested in working with the CR or Elastos, here’s a form you can fill out:

Upcoming Meetups

Meetups are the bread and butter of the ecosystem’s growth.  Be sure to attend if you’re in any of these areas:

Event Date
Elastos – Donnie Bullers | Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Monthly Meetup Thursday, January 3, 2019
Elastos Melbourne (AUS) Meetup Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Elastos Brisbane (AUS) Meetup Thursday, January 10, 2019
Cyber Republic Meetup Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Both part one and part two of the Merged-Mining Article from the “Elastos in a Nutshell” team have been released.  Catch up and read part one in English here or Chinese here.   Part 2 can be found here and in Chinese here.

These are tasks still in progress.  Earn some ELA with your contributions.

Top 5 New Tasks Without Owners Top 5 Tasks in Progress Top 5 Tasks in Pending State (Not Yet Approved by the CRC)
Empower Your City [Final] CR Weekly Report for Dec 17 2019 Blockchain Connect Conference
Contributor of the Week: Dec 2nd to Dec 15th Create Video Explain Elastos for Beginner Global Elastos Representative Team
Hindi Youtube Video How to Use Elastos Wallet Build DMA Elastos Website 10 Comic Strips Explaining Elastos
CR Core Team is Hiring Developers!


In the second issue of the Cyber Republic Weekly Update, we featured the team. is the first open-source decentralized instant messaging app based on the Elastos Carrier. Zheng Hao and his team have continued to work hard and we’ve decided to include a brief update on progress:

  1. Image, voice, and video have been integrated into the app.
  2. There is now a function for obtaining testnet tokens.
  3. A multi-wallet SPV function has been added.
  4. Several UI optimizations.

Make sure to give it a shot:

Github: github



Teams seeking additional members are:

Team Name Description
LIKEU by Huiming Yang By using big data, personalized recommendation algorithm, as well as block chain technique and token economy, we are trying to build a society to better match each other, help them to find who they are interested in , and who are the future best partner with.
ELASTOS IN A NUTSHELL TEAM by Charles Coombs-Esmail A team of community members that do deep dives into certain aspects of the Elastos technology. The goal of this team is to explain all of the aspects of the Elastos technology in a comprehensive manner to both the developer and non-developer community. The purpose it to create an informed community, which leads to more fruitful discussions and more involved voters.

Half of the team tackles these topics from a non-developers perspective, while the other half explains them from the perspective of a developer.

Both the developer and non-developer team will explain each topic through an article, and an accompanying video.

Each team will need 2-3 people, with at least one content creator/YouTuber.

JVM DEVELOPERS ON ELASTOS by Jean S. Bringing together all devs and enthusiasts that are interested in:
> a stable Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the Elastos-VM> providing support for JVM languagages> developing DApps in said languages.
MEDIA MARKETING TEAM (CRYPTOVATOR) by Belal Miah This team is for digital media professionals and digital marketers who can contribute to the growth of Elastos by creating digital content. Join if you can create video, audio, text content about Elastos.

Join them and get involved, or create your own, here:


The Chinese community has been busy as always.  They have regular online meetups called, “The Coming Elastos”, that takes place every Thursday and is held over the QQ chat group with the goal of educating participants about Elastos and encouraging participation.  It is organized by the QQ community administrators, DaHuangGe (“???”) and WenYi (“??”).

Each meetup has a guest speaker and the meetup is broadcasted live over text and video; live text allows members to participate and engage in active discussion. Speakers are invited by members of the community as representatives of projects on the Elastos ecosystem, partners of Elastos, Elastos officials, members of Cyber Republic, and others. These and other online activities are organized within the community, and the budget of the program is open and transparent.

Goals of “The Coming Elastos” Online Meetups

  • Help community members learn more about Elastos and the Cyber Republic and how they can participate;
  • Questions are recorded in a knowledge base, and the contents are continuously accumulated into the “Turing Robot”, which is a bot that answers common questions in the QQ community. This knowledge base is also shared among WeChat groups, QQ groups and WeChat public channels to create better efficiency in community management operations;
  • Summarize meetups into articles to be published in media for promotional purposes;
  • Introduce and promote projects in the Elastos ecosystem to help the projects gain their first followers;
  • Help track the status and progress of these projects; and,
  • Gather talent. The are many great talents in the community. The meetups attract talented people to Elastos, the Cyber Republic, and projects in its ecosystem.  These people can help in many areas, from translation, to community development, video production, etc.

1st Meetup:  “The Basic Idea, Structure, and Characteristics of Elastos” by Feng Zhang (??)

Feng Zhang (Speaker Introduction):

    • Lawyer of Jincheng Tongda & Neal (Shanghai)
    • Specially Engaged Tutor of Jinse College, DACA Blockchain Open Lecture
  • Director and Partner of Encryption Lab

In this first episode, community members learned more from Zhang’s sharing about the goal, technology, and implementation of Elastos that solves the problems of the current Internet and creates value by empowering individuals to own their digital assets. In the Q&A section, the audience raised questions largely on the progress of Elastos, and Zhang shared his insights, encouraging every member in the community to participate in future development.

Telegram Weekly Meetup (“ELA Talk”): The theory and practice of putting assets on to Blockchain (Link)

Yinghao Jia (???) (Speaker Introduction):

    • CEO of HashFuture
    • Founder of Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association
  • Senior Researcher of North America Blockchain Association

Zewu Jiang (???) (Speaker Introduction):

    • Dean of Hash Research Institute
    • Initiator of Blockchain Technology Community of Universities
  • Former Vice President of Tsinghua University Student Blockchain Association

Being a partner of Elastos, HashFuture’s focus on digital rights and assets is a bold exploration, and it is a valuable addition to the ecosystem. Jia and Jiang shared their views on what and how to put assets on a Blockchain and the significance of such transformation. Jia also shared their recent penetration into Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and others in the field of arts and real estates.

Thanks to the Chinese Communities for offering an update on their activities!

This is our second week rewarding ELA to community members for their contributions.  

Top Community Contributions this week are:

    1. Kryptos2018 –
    1. Nate Maturo –
  1. Jono Kirk –

These contributions will each receive $33.33 in ELA as a token of our thanks for their efforts.  

Posts & Articles Videos Elastos Carrier Demo. Potential? YES! Trolls STFU! P2P Message How To!!
Carrier Node Twitter Post by CNOTE CRYPTO Elastos and Merged Mining Explained (Part 2/2)
Launch Your Elastos Carrier Node In 8 Simple Steps (Mac Tutorial) Elastos – Zach Warsavage & Clarence Liu – Token Fest Boston
Super Beginner Guide to install an Elastos Carrier Node on PC What is Merge Mining? (Elastos)

Community shout-out:

Alex Brummett put up an interview with Rong on youtube.  Take a look at it here:

When you share something cool for the Cyber Republic, make sure to tag it so that we can find your contribution and feature it in the Weekly Update!  #WeAreTheCyberRepublic

Additional content from the International community:

Language Description Reference Link
ZH The awakening of digital rights brought by Blockchain Link
ZH The compelling forking – what makes consensus more reasonable? Link
ZH / EN “Mini Lectures on Elastos” Episode 1: Who’s Rong Chen Link

Interview with a Cyber Republic Community Member: Boris

  1. Could you introduce yourself?  What’s your background and how did you find out about Elastos and the Cyber Republic?

My name is Boris and I am currently living in Berlin and studying Product Management. The first time I came into contact with Blockchain was April, 2017. I realized immediately that the technology has the potential to change the world and improve efficiency in many industries. But the hype and rise of other crypto projects left me wondering: is this really the time for something so world-changing?  Are we really going into the right direction? I always search for projects I truly believe in and that I can support actively, and that’s how I found Elastos. I got in contact with the team. The project looked huge. It was hard to understand, at first, what Elastos actually did, but from that time until now I’ve been committed, and now I am here!

  1. Since time is a very limited resource, what’s made you decide to you invest your time in Elastos?  What are you working on now right now?

Elastos is a groundbreaking project; it solves the Trilemma of scalability, decentralization, and security, all at once. We are not competing with other projects but we want to work together to form a new ecosystem. The community is just awesome and everyone is motivated to support Elastos, even though the market may be not the best right now. The next months are going to be very exciting for us and I am very happy to be a part of it!

  1. What is your role in the Cyber Republic? What are you working on now right now?

Together with a few other guys, my first contribution to Elastos was within the Elastos Design Group. I was working on assets for events and also on the magazine for the Weekly Update. Apart from design, I also organized a Meetup in Germany during the summer. But designing and crafting stuff has always been part of my life as I started drawing actively from the day I got my first pencils. In highschool I was illustrating things on my computer and selling them online. This got me interested in building businesses which led me to work on many other projects and has motivated me to study Product Management. Since September, I am now the Lead Designer for the Cyber Republic and I am responsible for the user experience on the website as well as other assets you may see elsewhere.

  1.  What kind of people are you still seeking to help out your team?

We are always looking for new UX/UI Designers for the Cyber Republic Website. There are plenty of things we still want to improve and the community can definitely be a part of that process. If you are passionate about design, have a strong background and want to help us improve the user interfaces and website experience, you can apply here:

  1.  Could you share with us a recent design that you are excited about and tell us a little about how it came to be?

The CRcles are currently the main aspect of the Cyber Republic, and we are working hard to make them better. Our next design steps are to make them more distinct from each other so that everyone feels more comfortable inside their network. You will hopefully see the changes in the coming weeks!

  1. Finally, without knowing who the next interviewee is, what question would you ask if you were the interviewer (without asking “Who are you?” to them)?

How would your everyday life look differently if you didn’t have to care about money anymore?

CR Guides

Demo: CRcles, Teams, Tasks, Projects, RFPs
Demo: How To Find and Bid on Projects
Demo: How to create and apply for teams and tasks

Feel free to leave a comment with your concerns, questions, and suggestions (or praises), for the Cyber Republic.

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