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Weekly Report – Jan 28, 2019

Elastos DMA with a new logo, and an “Ask DMA” series.


Welcome, Cyber Republicans, to the 10th CR Weekly Report. This week we’re sharing some new updates on the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) and on CRcles and the EM35.

The CR Consensus is a place where suggestions can begin seeking approval for CR support.  Any community member can suggest an idea for funding on the website (  If it is well received, members of the Council will determine if they will champion a suggestion and put it up for voting by the entire Council.  After a voting period of 7 days, with a translation period of 24 hours, the community is given 3 days to reject any proposal the Council has passed.  This is, essentially, a checks and balances system.

An exclusive group called the “Secretariat team” consisting of experts from legal, technical, marketing, and other backgrounds, will consult Council members on all proposals.  These Secretariats are replacing the EM35 positions. All past EM35 applicants should aim for positions on the Secretariat team instead if they seek a larger role in the CR. While the exact hiring process and roles haven’t been completely defined, the positions will be filled prior to the new council elections in August 2019.

As for CRcles, teams can bid for approved proposals. We hope this new model creates an influx of innovative suggestions for the Council to review.

Read the entire update here:


HIGHLIGHT: Chris Parker

While the foundation for the CR’s infrastructure continues to evolve, the community has continued to create new content. Chris Parker in particular has sparked great conversation about the Elastos landscape as of late.  He’s a freelance audio engineer with a degree in journalism, and he’s been writing like a fiend lately:

In Parker’s piece, “Elastos: The Flexible Fortress of the dApp World”- (  he illustrates the differences between apps and dApps, ETH vs ELA dApps, and then he makes his case for Elastos being the secure, safe, and trusted OS of the future. Ultimately, the biggest differentiation Elastos has over the rest of the competition is in its decentralized carrier. As internet traffic is traditionally routed through centralized servers, including Ethereum and most blockchain projects, with Elastos, traffic is secured in a sandboxed environment with a fully decentralized carrier network, making it nearly impossible to intercept data packets or be prone to any DDOS middle-man attacks.  This is a huge selling point for Elastos.

Chris also conducted a thorough interview with Brian Xin, founder of Elastos DMA.  We’ve included a shortened version at the end of this weekly update at the end, but if you want to start the read now, you can find the entire, exciting piece here:


Next, Chris has just released a new article called, “Money is in our DMA,” where he discusses the evolution of money, and how secure and verifiable digital assets are the future.  DMA is the execution layer of the Elastos promise:

Lastly, Chris has pushed community discussions, creating a post seeking dApp ideas on the CR Forum (  His personal idea is to have a live auction for scarce, limited edition digital items that automatically pays the content creator and transfers the DID to the winner. Others have shared ideas such as mobile photo backup dApps, task creator and betting sites, and more. As Clarence states at the end of the thread, these ideas can be submitted to the Suggestions section of, and these visions can become real.




The latest Elastos Weekly Update can be read here:

Reminder: take a look and share feedback on these two particularly important topics:

Elastos DPoS Proposal:

CR constitution:


Project Updates

Cyber Republic Website

Git Activity and Updates

Elastos on React Native

Git Activity and Updates

  • Project Whitepaper:
  • Alpha is scheduled for release next week
  • Video describing the project and demo will be published along with the alpha
  • There is no beta planned for this project and instead may be later proposed as one of the Cyber Republic projects to the council whenever the new council and new Cyber Republic website is fully live

If you are a developer interested in working with the CR or Elastos, here’s a form you can fill out:


CR Forum Topic Highlights

Topics highlights

Check out these hot topics to see if there is anything that you can contribute to, or simply express your thoughts to help make the forum a truly vibrant community.

Top new topics

  1. Give Forum a more prominent presence in the general Cyber Republic + beyond

  1. Empower35 and Secretariats?

  1. An interview with Brian Xin, founder of DMA

  1. All the Moroccan and North African community members are welcomed here

  1. CRC, Suggestions Launch, Empower35/CRcle Update

  1. dApp idea thread

  1. Elastos: The Flexible Fortress of the dApp World


Top active topics (in terms of number of views and replies)

  1. – Peer-to-Peer Instant Messenger

  1. Marketing & awareness of Elastos & The Cyber Republic
  2. Bi-weekly livestream with Rong Chen

  1. Elastos Killer Dapps (1m+ active users / devices in first year)

  1. What is your new EOY prediction?


Community Shout Out:

Adem Bilican made these designs for a Elastos Mobile Wallet.  Let him know if you like them:



New CR Forum

This week, we’d like to talk about one of the most important features in our forum: Categories. You see these on the left side of the forum homepage upon login, whereas the right side shows a list of new and active discussions across all categories.  These features enhance user experience and engagement, especially for new users curious about what is going on in the community.

Why do we need categories in the first place? Well, it’s a simple way to prevent conversational chaos, especially in an ever-growing online community. It’s best practice to consider the following guidelines and rules before creating a new category in the forum:

  • Why should people use this category? What is it for?
  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
  • What should topics in this category generally contain?
  • Do we need this category? Can we merge it with another category or subcategory?


Currently, there are about 11 categories on the forum. We’d like to brief you on some of the major and active categories you may find interesting:

  • General discussion – These are general discussions not specific to other categories. It’s a good place for new users to skim ongoing discussions and make new friends with existing users.

  • Official Announcements – This is solely for announcements related to the Cyber Republic. It’s best to be skeptical of any news not coming from official channels such as the Elastos website and Cyber Republic blog.

  • Cyber Republic Consensus – This is for discussions around council members and secretariats, the constitution, and supernode elections. Please note that the CRC will be the primary channel for the community to raise suggestions and ultimately take direct part in the allocation of Cyber Republic funds.

  • Developer Discussion – This category enables developers to share their knowledge and discuss technical questions. Although the use of English is preferable, it is not a requirement. Some of the ongoing topics are Elastos carrier, sidechains, browser, hive, DPOS, etc.  

  • Partnership Discussions – The community network is vast, and this section of the forums recognizes the connections people may have and encourages active steps be taken to build on these connections.  For the time being, the primary discussions center around Elastos, Viewchain, and IOEX development as well as Bitmain merged-mining.

  • Global regions & countries – if you wish to create a category that is country-specific, this is where you can do so. Currently, there are 33 countries to choose from, and if you would like to add a new region or country, please message an admin.

  • Cyber Republic Teams – as you may be aware, both Empower35 and CRcles have been changed following the recent CR Suggestions launch. Team recruiting can now be carried out through this section of the forum. Users are encouraged to start organizing and advertising their own teams for a particular project or to recruit others. The best teams and proposals for the teams can be submitted as suggestions at Please note that suggestions are the prelude to proposals and the most popular and important suggestions will be picked up by council members for further development.

  • Off-Topic Discussion – You can talk about anything in this category, but content will be monitored for civility to encourage a healthy environment for everyone to feel welcome. Some of the active topics under this category are “The first global recession that crypto is going to experience?” and “What is your new EOY prediction?”

Finally, now that you’re familiar with the different categories available on the forum. Here are some Preferences you can set for your account:

  • Watched – You will automatically watch all topics in these categories. You will be notified of all new posts and topics, and a count of new posts will also appear next to the topic.
  • Tracked – You will automatically track all topics in these categories.
  • Watching first post – You will be notified of the first post in each new topic in these categories.
  • Muted – You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear on the categories or latest pages.

Hopefully, this information makes your forum experience better.  The Cyber Republic would like the forums to contribute to building up the community into a thriving and active center of CR discussions and interactions.


International Community

Language Description Reference Link
ZH Elastos – The ice-breaking new Internet
ZH Knowing more about blockchain and getting closer to Elastos
ZH Elastos enabling to turn digits into asset
ZH Can Elastos relate closely with 5G?
ZH “ELA Talk”: mining-by-chatting for crypto dedicated social platform

This week, the Chinese community continues to share their knowledge of Elastos through their articles, which you can find in the links above.

Rong continues to share his thoughts on Elastos and the new internet in an interview with local media (

Besides highlighting what the tech is going to achieve, he shares his experience and belief that an OS project like this can never be completed by a small team, no matter how intelligent.  Instead, it must be an endeavour of a large community and the talent it attracts. This is why open source code and community plays such a major role in this era.

Feng also came to the Chinese telegram to share with the community. Among other things, he spoke about the importance of the new second-generation internet which can solve the problems of cyber security and data leakage. He summarized how Elastos can create value for individuals by allowing them to own their own data.  He believes it will transform the entire economy and people will only realize how much it has changed after they already are using it.

There is a new official WeChat account for Elastos.  Search for WeChat ID: elastos_org

Interview: Brian Xin

This is an abbreviated version of the interview done by Chris P.  For the full interview on Elastos DMA, please read it here:

Could you expand a little on your business background?

I call myself an internet veteran with 22 years experience, starting in 1996 in Silicon Valley. I co-founded my first startup in 1999, ‘Rivalwatch’.  We provided data intelligence services to many e-commerce companies.

My second venture was Linktone, which was the first wireless value-added service company for the Chinese market. The big moment was when we worked on the Chinese ‘Super Girl’ show. It was the first reality show in China with cross terminal interactions (mobile phone, TV, PC). Millions of Chinese people voted for their favourite singers by using our SMS voting services.

My third venture was iKang, we built the very first online healthcare management platform in China. I spent three years as CTO at Microsoft MSN China before forming StarryMedia, the first wave social media marketing company in China.

How did you get connected with the Elastos team, and what made you want to join the ecosystem?

Rong, Feng, and I, are all Tsinghua University alumni. I had known about Rong’s operating system project ‘Elastos’ for a decade, and I really believed in the vision. The DMA project was born in September 2018.  It focuses on the decentralised digital market and commerce domains.

When Elastos released its alpha, I felt it was the right timing to do the business layer on top of the Elastos infrastructure. Without a powerful middleware layer, it’s hard for application developers to make real commercial apps that run smoothly.

How many team members do you have currently working on the project?

We currently have twelve team members involved in the project. Eight are in-house core team members, and four are on-demand community members (in China)

How does the ELA token play a part in the DMA economy?

ELA is the base currency of the whole Elastos ecosystem. DMA is the sidechain economy. The ultimate goal is to boost ELA’s value and also create enough incentive for the DMA sub-economy.

What should we expect from the Elastos Ticket demo on the 31st January?

‘Elastos Ticket’ dApp is the demo of the DMA 1.0 beta. It will show all major functions of DMA. The tickets are tokenized ERC-721 tokens and merchants can issue event tickets in the DMA merchant web. Users can then buy tickets in the B2C store.

Once the ticket asset is in the user’s wallet, they can then use, forward, and resell it.

What are your overall thoughts on the current crypto landscape?

I’m not an active token investor and trader, so I’m not too emotional to the 2017–2018 crypto market hype. But that hype was the trigger for people like me to seriously think about blockchain technology and the future of the economy. I strongly believe the future is bright if we can correctly use blockchain technology as an important part of the Smart Web. We will reshape business models with a token economy and then transform businesses into decentralised commerce.

The future is already here.  It’s just that some people see it and some don’t.

Feel free to leave a comment with your concerns, questions, and suggestions (or praises), for the Cyber Republic.


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