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Biweekly Report – June 3rd, 2019


It’s been busy in CR and Elastos land.  We’ve a number of important updates about CR Press that we would like to inform the community about, such as a new Biweekly release schedule and the launch of a CR Press Supernode, amongst several other things.

Other articles this week include an English summary of Interim CR Council member Yipeng Su’s post on the CR Forum proposing improvements to CR and Elastos called “ELIP,” an interview with Kevin and Sunny pertaining to the Manhattan Project, a discussion article around CR leadership and CR ideals, and a repost of our popular website article, “A Game of Manhattan”.

As for Elastos updates, ecosystem partner DMA held a meetup at MIT University. ioeX, another ecosystem partner, will be coming out with a smart housekeeping product. Elastos DX team is aggressively pushing workshops along with tutorials on how to setup a Supernode for DPoS. Antpool has become the next big Bitcoin Mining pool to start merge mining ELA. Supernode Candidate Noderators have teamed with hardware wallet Ellipal for ELA integration in July. Elephant Wallet has created its own Twitter to reach out to the community with updates, and they have also partnered with Ellipal and Noderators.  Finally, similar to CR Press, Elastos weeklies are moving to a biweekly schedule.

Interim CR Council Member Yipeng Su has just created a new post on CR Forum ( Included in this write-up is a rough draft on how proposals need to be submitted in the event that someone wants to change the Elastos at a base level. Bitcoin’s format for improvement proposals is called BIP. Elastos’ is named ELIP. The difference is that ELIP will be fully governed by CR Consensus. Yipeng Su is asking for community feedback on the topic before submitting the document officially.  Read more in our write-up and be sure to voice your opinions, CR community!

Brian Xin of DMA organized a meetup at MIT University. The event was a success. One of the big pieces of news he shared with the community is the adoption of one of his dApps, Metro dApp. There are approximately 500,000 users testing the dApp to date. Uptick is another dApp that the DMA team is looking to build upon in order to take the e-Ticketing industry by storm. And there’s more juicy news.  Watch our news page carefully the be the first to learn about it. Follow DMA through their Twitter (@elastosdma) and Medium page (  

Ecosystem partner ioeX has come to agreement with Irish software and hardware development company Xunison. They will work hand-in-hand on the X-Brain product. According to ioeX, “X-Brain is a one-piece smart housekeeper with multiple functions having router, smarthouse, family security and energy management integrated into a single device. Adding ioeX networking function now, you may gain ioeX through sharing bandwidth and storage space”.

Elastos DX team leader, Donnie Bullers, recently posted a tweet regarding the new Elastos Developer Academy. Prospective developers can begin learning how to code on blockchain and Elastos through this portal. Anyone interested can learn more about this here: Another event will be on Wednesday, June 5th at 11:00 AM EST. This free workshop will be about Supernodes. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Set up your Private Net
  2. Set up ELA Mainchain Node
  3. Set up DID Sidechain Node
  4. Set up Token Side Chain Node
  5. Set up Elastos Carrier Bootstrap Node
  6. Register for your Supernode
  7. Vote for your Supernode
  8. Verify your Supernode is working

Antpool has become the latest top Bitcoin Mining pool to join ELA merge mining. As stated by ELA News, “ELA mainchain now has the 3rd highest hashpower in the world, ranking after BTC and NMC”. The ELA mainchain and network keeps getting safer and more powerful by the week.

The Noderators, a Supernode group comprised of Elastos telegram and Reddit moderators, have teamed up with Hardware Wallet Ellipal. Official ELA integration with the Ellipal wallet will start in July. The Noderators will also be giving out 30 free Ellipal Hardware wallets to people who vote for all three of their nodes.

The popular Elephant Wallet has also joined with the Noderators and Ellipal, promising to integrate Ellipal into their wallet.  They’ve recently created an official Twitter. (@ElaphantTeam) Please check it out to get any official updates from the team regarding their wallet.


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We have a new Cyber Republic Documentation site with relevant introductory information about the Cyber Republic, including the constitution, voting and proposals, and leadership.  Check it out here.

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Last week, Anypeer and BIT.GAME had meetups in ELA Talk. Let’s recap.

Anypeer: A social DApp based on Elastos

(original link:

Currently, there are 5 members in the Anypeer team. Each has his own full-time job, so they develop the Anypeer app in their spare time.  This is why it will be a bit longer for the iOS version to come, but the community can test the Android version for now.

Anypeer was developed with just a plain chatting function using Carrier, including text, emojis, pictures, audio and video support. It also allowed sending test ELA to friends. The major update to the latest version is:

  1. Support the deposit and withdraw of mainnet ELA.
  2. Support carrier-based group chat function.
  3. Enhanced Anybot, which is a “common friend” of all users of AnyPeer. At present, the group chats are temporary. Going offline and re-entering the DApp will not join the previous group chat without an invitation. The main function of Anybot is to invite each now-online friend to enter the corresponding group chat. In this latest version, Anybot is now able to send random ELA rewards to eligible users.
  4. Added a node page to the DApp. You can see the candidate nodes, such as the number of votes, rankings, and so on.

AnyPeer is a social DApp based on Elastos. When Elastos Hive is ready, new functions will be added so that chat information can be stored. Later, games based on Elastos Smart Contract Sidechain will be added, after the release of iOS version. Practical functions that use ELA for transactions will also be added to Anypeer to increase user loyalty.

BIT.GAME: From DApp to DeFi, how BIT.GAME create the game ecology for Elastos

(origingal post:

BIT.GAME has introduced popular blockchain games such as ELAFish and Neoworld. DeFi is the abbreviation for decentralized finance. This concept has been in existence in previous years, but it has become popular recently. Many people find that they have numerous digital assets, but DeFi monetizes these assets. In fact, the ongoing supernode election of Elastos is a type of DeFi.

BIT.GAME has summarized their development progress of DApps and DeFi. It can be said that the Elastos’ development in this respect is advanced. Neoworld and FISHCHAIN were introduced by BIT.GAME to Elastos in July 2018 and October 2018 respectively, and they have explored the model of game tokens actively. In August 2019, ELAFish will operate as its own brand.

As for the development trajectory of DApp to DeFi, there are a variety of applications in the Elastos ecosystem.  When people use different applications in the Elastos ecosystem, they use ELA to exchange to different tokens, which makes ELA less liquid over time for several reasons.  One of the main purposes of DeFi is to rejuvenate the liquidity and the usage of ELA. There are two directions that DeFi is developing, namely staking and token pledges as a stable currency. Staking allows one to earn dividends from holding token or voting in DPoS election, as in the case of Elastos. With game assets, they are valuable as there is a consensus among gamers of their value. Therefore, the next step that BIT.GAME is taking is to make the digital assets issued on Elastos more liquid through the financial tools of DeFi.

BIT.GAME has done thorough research on DeFi applications and scenarios on the market, and will launch a staking website based on the Elastos Supernodes in July this year.  A stable currency based on the games on Elastos will come in September, allowing community users to increase the liquidity of their game assets bought with ELA. They believe that gaming is the field which will be first to gather a large amount of users for any public chain, and BIT.GAME hopes everyone can join and support these initiatives when they are ready.

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