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Weekly Report – May 20th, 2019


Another week and another flurry of news for Cyber Republic. This week, founder Rong Chen participated in a Vancouver meetup with ecosystem partner Wefilmchain, and along with other Elastos representatives, Rong also attended the UNESCO conference in Paris.  Ledger has given an update regarding new apps on their hardware. Supernode candidates have posted step by step instructions on voting for Supernodes in the Elastos Wallet and Elephant wallet. Finally, speaking of the Elephant Wallet, there are a handful of new updates.

On May 11th, at Trinity Western University in Vancouver, Canada, Rong gave a keynote speech at the Blockchain event set up by ecosystem partner Wefilmchain and the 9cat technical community. Rong spoken on Elastos, CR, and the evolution of blockchain in general. Wefilmchain head, Garnet Campbell, introduced the Wefilmchain project. The audience showed clear engagement throughout the event and ended with an informative Q&A session that lasted nearly an hour. Vando Media conducted an exclusive interview and reported on the event as well.  After the event, Rong Chen attended a technical meetup organized by 9cat. This post-event had over 30 people in attendance. Garnet and Rong shared a conversation from the event that’s been posted on Youtube: They discuss the future of Wefilmchain along with Elastos partnerships and the Smart Web.

Next, the UNESCO conference in Paris, France. From their website, “UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It seeks to build peace through international cooperation in Education, the Sciences and Culture. UNESCO’s programmes contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in Agenda 2030, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.” Rong Chen made a keynote speech at the event that was very well received, and a video is soon to come.

The Elastos community has been eagerly waiting for integration on the popular Ledger hardware wallet, as Coranos has already submitted his code to Ledger for full audit. Ledger’s team has released a full statement regarding future apps: “New applications are postponed until the Nano X hardware wallet is shipped. This has taken priority for Ledger until the new hardware is available and all current projects migrated.”  Elastos is currently on the Ledger internal and external developments Trello page. The Elastos team will continue to seek updates until ELA is supported. The good news is that the new Ledger Nano X hardware wallets have officially shipped and the delay should soon be over.

The Elephant Wallet has made a few updates:

  1.     Added tokens: USDT, FISH, FIlmC.
  2.     Added e-Signature interface.
  3.     Added DPoS supernode public key information.
  4.     Supported logins by DID on
  5.     Fixed a crash issue when voting in some languages or regions.

The Elephant Wallet team is looking for volunteers to help test new features. If interested, please contact team member Song for more details. (WeChat ID: SongSJun or on Telegram)

Two Supernode candidate pools Noderators and Enter Elastos have made solid contributions to the community.  This time they’ve posted clear instructions on how to vote for Supernodes in the Elastos Wallet and The Elephant Wallet.  Read the “How to Vote for Supernodes” article in this week’s update.


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AnyPeer has released V3.1.0.  The major updates include:

  • A new friend can easily be added into a default group;
  • A user can receive a random number of ELA from a pool of ELA;
  • Can display DPoS nodes;
  • Optimized group chat;
  • Added functions including regeneration of wallets and setting sounds in “Settings” page.

To try the new release, go to:


Google Play:


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