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Weekly Report – May 27th, 2019


This week, Elastos has partnered with Knownsec to bolster network security and defense. More Supernode resources have become available on Reddit and our team has google forms in English and Chinese for Supernode submissions.  “Noderators,” a Supernode group, has redesigned their website and has built a tool to track ELA’s hashrate, along with an Elephant Wallet tutorial for the community. Ecosystem partners have come out with exciting news regarding DID adoption, and last but not least, a community member honored Bitcoin Pizza day in a special way.  

As for this weekly update?  We’ve decided to focus on the history of Elastos. Inspired by images shared by Rong, there is an interview with Interim Council Member Kevin Zhang along with details on the Manhattan Fund, and a major Suggestion has been dropped on the CR Website by Sunny Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos, regarding the World Bank Proof of Concept Project from the Manhattan Fund.  Read on to find out more.

On May 23rd, Elastos announced it’s partnership with Security and Management company Knownsec.

Knownsec will be performing comprehensive security audit of Elastos’ blockchain, including “aspects of data, networking, consensus, incentives, contracts, and applications.” Knownsec will then provide Elastos with an action plan to achieve full security and stability for the network. Knownsec has worked in multiple capacities with the the Chinese government along with multi-billion dollar companies such as Google, Microsoft, Tencent and Alibaba. We are excited about this relationship and how it will help build a sustainable and secure ecosystem.

Telegram Elastos admin Supernode group “Noderators” has been making regular impacts on the community. They came out with a neat tool on their website where you can track ELA’s hashrate. They’ve also come up with a tool tracking all registered Supernode candidates, and, check out their latest tweet on creating an Elephant Wallet.  Thanks to the Noderators for their constant and proactive support of the community.

Speaking of supernodes, there is now a post on Reddit seeking to aggregate data on Supernode Candidates  You can also visit our website,, for CR Press’ list of known supernode candidates.  As a CR voter, please examine each Supernode and decide which is worthy of your precious ELA votes. If you are interested in joining the DPoS Elections process, and would like people to have current information on your supernode, here are the Google Forms in Chinese and English that you can submit to our website through:



In other news, ecosystem partner Viewchain has successfully registered 750,000 DIDs in the country of Myanmar. The Noderators (yet again) tweeted that there are currently 17,000 active users of the Elastos wallet. This is significant development for Elastos and CR ecosystems as adoption is key and Viewchain is providing real progress in onboarding users. We look forward to following up with Viewchain as soon as possible to provide the community with more updates.

Finally, in celebration of Bitcoin Pizza day, an Elastos reddit member offered 10 ELA for 2 medium pizzas. They posted soon after the pizzas that were bought with their ELA. Big shout out to ELA community member casacrypto. Quite the way to memorialize the famous 10,000 BTC pizza day for the Elastos community.

Also, be sure to check out the latest Elastos technical updates which includes new upgrades on the Elephant Wallet.


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We have a new Cyber Republic Documentation site with relevant introductory information about the Cyber Republic, including the constitution, voting and proposals, and leadership.  Check it out here.

If you have any content you’d like to submit to our team, please email us.

Rong shared a fun post in his WeChat circle. The post, relayed by ELAfuns, which relates the history of Elastos and the hottest topic between the United States and China, discusses the making of the OS. Rong shared his views:

The last two days, the old employees of Kortide have shared photos from the past. We had written almost all the codes for smartphone core, graphics, power management, interactive interface, service-oriented architecture (SaaS) programming framework and common mobile apps. This was the first smartphone with widgets I have ever seen.

In 2012, an investor asked me if there was any opportunity for making a mobile phone OS?

I said to them that the time has passed and new opportunities were found in the Industrial IoT and Smart Home OS.

The investor was suspicious about this statement. Three or four months later, he met Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, and got the exactly same answer for the same question. The investor then decided to invest in building the Elastos network OS.

Elastos was revived in August, 2017, and has transformed into the Elastos SmartWeb, driven by blockchain, to redefine the world computer discussed in the blockchain industry from the perspective of the Internet.

Elastos is expected to be “open source, open, and self-running”.  Niubility! (Marvellous!) The only opportunity to make a new OS at this stage is as a new Internet OS.

While we are working low-profile, we stand up to take our responsibility. Our confidence in “solving the problem of trust issues by reconstructing the network architecture” comes from our enormous strength in the industry and the ability in realizing our plan. The Internet is “altruistic” by nature. Therefore, only a system of “open source, free, and self-running” can be trusted by the world. This is contrary to doing business with a wolf culture (Huawei). To change business style is not easy.

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