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Weekly Report – May 6th, 2019


Welcome to the latest edition of the CR Weekly Newsletter.  The first major bit of news was the announcement of the CR Regions campaign. The Cyber Republic is looking for local community organizations in several regions of interest. More news is that has officially announced ELA Merged Mining earnings distribution, the popular Elephant wallet has just gotten an iOS update, CRC funded project Hyper Connect has announced a major milestone, DMA has come out with an article promoting their platform, “Uptick”, and Elastos has been incorporated in a service called SwiftPay, allowing the exchange of more than 160 coins instantly.

This week we will be highlighting the CR Regions initiative in particular, dedicating a large portion of the Weekly Newsletter to break down the process.  Essentially, the Cyber Republic is seeking individuals and organizations that want to serve as Community Organizers, Event Planners, and Evangelists on CR’s behalf. Each Region will be held to set standards, however they much each win the popular vote by going through voting in the Suggestions process.  There are already three teams that have submitted suggestions seeking funding from the CR: Bitwork (Hong Kong), Fomohunt (U.S.A), and Elastos Philippines. announced ELA distribution to have begun April 29th. Miners can merge mine BTC on the mining pool in order to earn ELA. There’s a questionnaire wants its miners to fill out that will earn them additional rewards if completed. Since there has been a lot of waiting for these rewards to be dispersed, the community is happy that it’s finally occurred.

Ecosystem project Hyper Connect has just released new details regarding their latest Milestone. From team leader Peter Strauss, “We are about to release the first Milestone of HyperConnect soon, which is the IoT framework. The smarthome solution will be built on top of the HyperConnect framework. The smarthome solution will be available in Q4 this year.”

DMA is the e-commerce framework for the Elastos ecosystem. One of their first modules currently live is an e-Ticketing dApp called Uptick. Ticket prices are over-inflated on secondary markets, which denies the average consumer access to these events. “When a market is dominated by a select few, those in power are free to set the price as they wish. One of the most frustrating aspects of buying tickets online are the hidden fees.” The average fee of buying a ticket online is a whopping 26%. Only about 50% of all tickets sold are from genuine ticket re-sellers. The other 50% comes from professional ticket hustlers trying to increase their profits.

Uptick wants to step into the ticketing arena to provide fairness to the consumer and venues. DMA wants to prevent the millions of counterfeit tickets and they plan to “enable transparency, fair trade and the collapse of monopolistic power.” Check out their recent article here:

Elastos has also just been added to a blockchain payment platform called Swiftpay. Now users can swap the ELA token with any of their other 160+ coins on the network. Check out Swiftpay’s tweet on the announcement here:

A quick reminder to supernodes and voters: anyone can register a supernode, and they are given free reign to name their nodes however they wish.  We encourage supernodes to share their public keys to their votes so that voters can verify that they are indeed voting on their desired supernodes.

Finally, in this Weekly, we’ll be sharing quick highlight on an interesting new supernode candidate called Elaforestnode, a Q&A with Chinese Social Media and CR News managers, and an interview with Joel, team translator for Chinese-English communities.

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We have a new Cyber Republic Documentation site with relevant introductory information about the Cyber Republic, including the constitution, voting and proposals, and leadership.  Check it out here.

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The DPoS node election is one of the hottest topics in the community and it will definitely keep its heavy attention into May. We are glad to see the community members from all places have discussed various topics related to the election and have come up with different tactics aiming to help building a more ideal and robust community that encourages people to get involved. With the current voting mechanism of 1-ELA-36-vote and with how voters do not by default get rewards for casting votes, it is more beneficial for supernode candidates to join forces and create alliances and reward voters in order to run a successful campaign and encourage ELA holders to vote.

That said, it is necessary to have an effective means to display and execute the distribution of rewards to the voters once nodes have obtained their ELA as node rewards. In the last weekly we updated information about the DPOS Reward Statistics Script developed by Hyper team:

A web-based solution that aims to achieve similar goals has been developed by Chinese community members. ELAlliance has been known for its goal to prevent the potential dominance of whales and to reward voters who might otherwise not care about the election due to the lack of incentives. More information on this node and others can be found at:

Rewards from the nodes of ELAlliance will be collectively managed and distributed to the voters by ELAlliance. Since every node in ELAlliance has agreed to use the same reward scheme, the reward for a voting member depends only on the total votes that all the nodes of ELAlliance get as a whole. Therefore, a voter can simply key in his address in the website to check how many ELA they can get from ELAlliance. This function will be available before the first distribution of the reward.

The website also shows (1) to whom and how many votes has a voter cast, and (2) from where and how many votes that different addresses have cast votes for a node. Both functions are now ready. For function (1), one can go to the website at and click VIEW INFO. Enter the address to inquiry as shown below:

For function (2), the rank list of all node applicants can be found at:

By clicking a node’s name one can check who has voted for the node and how many votes they have cast.

More functions will be introduced to the community once ready.

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