Written by Meijia Hua from Vando Media

This August marks the second anniversary of the Elastos Foundation and the first anniversary of the establishment of Cyber Republic. Both as a project and supernode within the ecosystem, WeFilmchain is committed to becoming an active, contributing member to the Elastos community.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the Elastos Foundation and the first anniversary of Cyber Republic, Wefilmchain has teamed up with the Vancouver Film and Technology Community to host the Film and Technology Expo on August 10th at Vancity Theatre in Vancouver.

Through this conference, filmmakers, content creators, and film investors share and learn the following strategies for success:

  1. How to get funding and protect digital assets
  2. How to make contact with active investors
  3. Understanding film investment, production, new trends, and how to leverage the new platform established by blockchain companies to achieve win-win outcomes for both content creators and investors.

Guest speakers:

Clarence Liu
Vice President/Software Engineer of Development Department, Elastos Foundation

Collin Weibe
CEO of Matrix Blockchain Development Corp; Founder of Imagination Park

Garnet Campbell
Co-founder of Wefilmchain

Matthew Leaper
Intellectual property lawyer

Nicholas Perrin of Fluency
Co-founder and CEO

Special thanks to the Canadian-Chinese Science and Technology Association CCSST, 9CAT Entrepreneurship Technology Community, Starwire, Evolve Branding and Vando Media for their support!


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