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Aug 13 – CR Herald published an article to introduce a new ebook  – “Blockchain Revolution: The Driving Force of Transformation for Modern Technology, Economy, Industry, and Society”, which was edited by Elastos Co-founder Sunny Feng Han. The book includes more than 20 practical application scenarios of blockchain in various industries, including intellectual property, culture and art, new infrastructure, film and television, environmental protection, and tourism. It also highlights the business pain points in various industries and how blockchain technology can help the development of the digital economy.

Aug 15 – In conjunction with the Elastos 3-year anniversary, Elastos Chinese community organised an online poll for community members to vote for outstanding community members, outstanding community administrators, and outstanding community media channels. The poll was a great success with high participation rate and the following individuals were voted for their outstanding contributions to the Elastos ecosystem: 

  1. Community members (Top 5): Ding Ning, Brian Xin, Lin Jun Qiang, Lao Cao, Zhang Qing
  2. Community media channels (Top 3): Lian Shi Jie, Tou Zi Yi Lai Yun Wang, Qu Lu Qu Dong
  3. Community administrators (Top 5): Xiao Meng, Xiao Cai Niao, Hu Ge, Xiao Hei Lang, Shao Nian

Each winner was awarded with a digital e-certificate. Kudos to them!

Aug 27 – CR Herald published an article to explore the Feeds dApp on elastOS, created by Tuum Technologies. Feeds is the perfect manifestation of the concept “own your data”. It is a new social dApp with Elastos DID access and decentralised servers, dedicated to enable public conversations and allow users to post their latest developments and ideas. Users are also able to deploy servers by themselves and control their social data.

Aug 29 – CR Herald published a series of articles on the Elastos 3 Year anniversary topics covered by Elastos core team members, community members, as well as community media channels. Some of the key topics discussed are as follows:

Elastos Founder – Rong Chen: Elastos is building a Smart Web that everybody can use to communicate with each other.

  1. Elastos Co-Founder – Sunny Feng Han: The true “Personal Oracle” will enable mainstream traffic to enter the world of digital assets.

2. Elastos Carrier and Runtime Team Lead – Niu Jingyu: Elastos platform technology development and follow-up plan.

3. Head of Elaphant Wallet Team – Song Shijun: Elaphant wallet and its ecosystem development.

4. BV Capital Co-Founder – Shawn: Why am I optimistic about investment in Elastos (ELA)?–JWm_CfCjOczw

5. Elastos DMA Founder – Brian Xin: Promoting project development based on market rules and directions.

6. Bit.Game Co-Founder – Wang Ling: Building Elastos ecosystem based on NFT and DeFi.

7. Elastos community members – Brian Xin, Lao Mao, Lin Junqiang, Zhang Qing and DUO: A preliminary study of Elastos tokenomics.

8. Elastos community media roundtable: 3-year growth of Elastos from a third-party perspective.

CR Herald Interviews

Aug 2 – Tylo Lee is one of the 12 newly elected CR council members and is one of the earliest contributors to the Elastos community. He was actively involved in the establishment of the Elastos Telegram community and English media channels. During the interview, Tylo shared his experience as a CR council member as well as his views on several issues including brand promotion for Elastos and CR community development, reasons for low approval rate of CR proposals, recent disputes on incentives for Chinese and English moderators, and ways to improve community engagement in the Elastos ecosystem.

Aug 18 – Elastos chinese community moderator team is one of the CR council members. The team consists of more than 10 community administrators and the duties of being a CR council member is jointly managed by 5 representatives from the team. During the interview, 4 representatives (Hu Ge, Shao Nian, Wan Wan and Infi) shared their experience as a team to fulfill their roles and responsibilities as a CR council member and their expectations for the development of the Elastos community. The team also shared their views that there is a dire need to design and implement an incentive system that fosters community engagement so that the majority of community members are motivated to provide more valuable suggestions and participate in the development of the Elastos ecosystem.


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