What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? July 1 – 31

By Yy

  • July 3 – CR Herald published an article to introduce Elastos Academy. It is a platform dedicated to help developers and technical enthusiasts familiarise themselves with Elastos core services such as Carrier, DID, Hive, Mainchain and Sidechain. Elastos Academy is also suitable for non-technical people who want to learn the basics and to keep up with the development progress of Elastos technology. The team behind Elastos Academy is Tuum Technologies, which has been actively optimising Elastos Academy’s website in terms of visual design, content, and user experience. 


  • July 6 – CR Herald published an article to explore CryptoName – the first commercial application based on Elastos ETH sidechain. It aims to optimise user experience and reduce human errors by binding a name to your crypto wallet, Elastos DID, website, Telegram, and email addresses. For instance, when you purchase a name “Brian.elastos.name”, you just need to enter “Brian” in the address bar when making a transfer. Once you make a purchase for a CryptoName, you can prove your ownership of this digital asset via blockchain. Since you have undisputed sovereignty over your asset, you can freely transfer or sell your CryptoName to anyone. Furthermore, users do not need to provide any personal information when purchasing a CryptoName, thus ensuring complete anonymity and data privacy. 

CR Press also released an article on Cryptoname here:

  • July 10 – Lian Shi Jie published an article on why Elastos (ELA) is hugely undervalued in the current blockchain space. The author is of the opinion that the next wave of breakout technology could be blockchain operating systems similar to Microsoft and Apple. In this article, ELA was compared to other blockchain projects such as ONT, IOST, BTM, NULS, and NAS in terms of transparency of capital management, technology development based on rankings from independent entities such as Github, Coincodecap, and MyToken, statistics of social media channels and the presence of local and international communities as well as the ecosystem development activities such as building dApps. 


  • July 12 – Lian Shi Jie published an article on the integration of constructive rationality of Elastos and free markets in the context of Austrian economics to encourage entrepreneurs to participate in the Elastos ecological project construction and innovation based on market logic. The author describes Austrian economics as beginning from the pursuit of the most basic right of freedom in human nature, and he takes into account the rule of law and democracy. It embodies the core ideals of blockchain with anonymity, independence, openness, security, decentralisation, and other characteristics. 


  • July 13 – A series of short videos featuring Sunny Feng Han’s speeches as the first “rotating curator” of the China Museum of Funds was uploaded to Tencent Video. Sunny shares that the evolution of human civilization relies on free market transactions and the formation of large-scale international transactions requires the evolution of human cognition to foster global wealth consensus. Sunny briefly described the history of human consensus itself, ranging from trading shells to the current status of encrypted data assets powered by blockchain. 



  • July 21 – CR Herald published an article to explore the Assist dApp by Tuum Technologies. Assist provides free DID configuration files for any dApp on elastOS. This creates a shortcut for digital identification without the need to set up a wallet, avoiding the hassles of transfer delay, and directly binds DIDs. In this article, there is step-by-step on using the request function on Assist dApp. If you are interested to find out more about Assist dApp, please check out this video:


  • July 31  – BitHelp published an article to announce its strategic cooperation with GreenPass in fighting global pandemic. This cooperation is not only to support the global anti-epidemic charity, but also be the first step in the data capitalisation movement as GreenPass enables full protection of personal data privacy using Elastos technology. Bithelp (www.bithelp.io) is a global digital charitable platform jointly created by Finance Center for South-South Cooperation and Taiyi Group. It is a blockchain and cryptocurrency based cross-border rescue platform. Bithelp has officially become a special counselor institution of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2017.


  • July 26 – Ela Cloud is one of the 12 newly elected CR council members and is one of the earliest contributors of the Elastos chinese community. Ela Cloud team’s core members are Lin Junqiang, Da Huang Ge, Xiao Meng and Ge Zhe. Following the successful 16.5 million ELA token burn event, the team is currently pushing for two other proposals – to improve the outline of the CR Proposals and to modify ELA economic model in terms of mining distribution ratio, adjustments to base of additional ELA issuance and inflation ratio. During the interview, Junqiang discusses his views on how Elastos can attract more talented developers and active users to the ecosystem, as well as the active role of Elastos english speaking community in technical discussion, dApp development, and brand promotion. 



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