What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? June 1 – 31

  • Jun 1 – CR Herald published an article to explore Uptick dApp released by Elastos DMA. Uptick is a decentralised e-ticketing platform built on Elastos platform, which aims to solve major traditional ticketing problems such as ticket scalping (e.g. hoarding tickets to resell at a higher price), fake tickets, ticket scams and ticket transferability. Using the power of blockchain technology, e-tickets can be managed and validated on the blockchain with key advantages such as anti-counterfeiting, security, traceability, tradability and disintermediaries. In this article, there is a step-by-step guide on using various functions available on the Uptick dApp. 



  • Jun 5 – CR Herald also published an article with a review of Elastos mainnet 3.0 – “Arcadia”.  As a recap, Elastos mainnet 1.0 – “Crete” laid out the underlying technology architecture of Elastos while mainnet 2.0 -”Ilias” focused on the release of AuxPow + DPoS model, merged-mining with Bitcoin, Elastos sidechains and elastOS. Mainnet 3.0 primarily focuses on the launch of Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) that could enable community members to actively participate in autonomous community governance, while Elastos Foundation focuses on continuous development of Elastos infrastructure and platform optimisation and iteration, until the completion of SmartWeb infrastructure. During this stage, it is also crucial for the Elastos ecosystem to be able to attract talented developers through ELIP as the main mechanism for improving Elastos technology.




Jun 15 – Finally, CR Herald published an article to explore two mini games – Phaser and HTML. In Phaser, players control a “little miner” to collect ELA icons for points. As the score increases, a bomb will appear. Player needs to avoid the bomb while collecting ELA icons and the game will end once the player is hit by the bomb. HTML is a simple pair matching game whereby players need to match all coins within a specified time. Each level has a time limit and trial and error limit. The game ends when the time ends or the trial and error limit is used up. Difficulty of each level will gradually increase as the time or trial and error limit is shortened.



  • Jun 21 – Jinse Caijin published a short announcement that the founder of TianTianYouYu (Fruitful Yield Co. Ltd. http://www.fruitful-yield.com/hk/about) – Wang Ding has reached an agreement with Elastos co-founder Sunny Feng Han in Shenzhen to work with teams from LEO on Elastos, Manhattan project, and Elephant wallet on a new infrastructure for data capitalisation. Multiple parties will conduct in-depth collaboration in Elastos DID sidechain, decentralised storage, and smart contracts. TianTianYouYou is an independent food wholesaler focusing on sales and marketing of Thai Union Group’s canned tuna and sardines foods. Some of the brands under Thai Union Group include “B&F”, “Sealect” and “Ocean Wave”. The company has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of canned tuna food in Hong Kong, Macau and China. 




  • Jun 24 – XBN World published a discussion forum article on Sunny Feng Han as he was invited as one of the distinguished speakers for the “Strive for 2020 – Blockchain Innovation Forum” held in Shenzhen on 21 June 2020. During the forum, Sunny has discussed his opinions on various issues including development of the entire blockchain industry in 2020, the current development on public blockchains that he is most optimistic about, and the most pressing problems or challenges that need to be tackled in the current blockchain industry. One of the key takeaways from Sunny’s opinions is that any blockchain infrastructure that can’t protect data and provide security as well as personal data ownership is “rogue”. 




  • Jun 24 – Qu Lu Qu Dong published an article on how Elastos autonomous and self-governing community leads to positive development of a public blockchain. The author explains that vigorous developments in the blockchain industry is inseparable from community development. In fact, a self-governing community forms the basis of industry consensus on the importance of blockchain projects and to some extent, it can be said that a strong community is the most powerful driving force for the organic growth of any blockchain project. Through the Cyber Republic Consensus mechanism, Elastos established a “Cyber Republic”, a global led decentralised community helping build on the next generation of the Internet – Elastos SmartWeb. This is a revolutionary approach that promotes social development as blockchain applications are disrupting almost every major real-world industry. 




  • Jun 30 – CR Herald published an article to explore Hyper dApp powered by Elastos. Hyper is a peer-to-peer instant messenger which aims to become a completely decentralised messenger for maximum privacy and security. Though DID sidechain and Elastos Carrier integration, user authentication and communication are completely decentralised on Hyper. As personal information such as contacts, messages, and files are only stored on the user’s local devices, the user is able to control and truly own their data. Hyper dApp is currently available on both Android and iOS and enhanced features such as group chats will be released in the future. 





CR Herald Interviews

  • Jun 8 – Elastos Orchard consists of three core team members with a diverse professional background including creative designer, psychologist, and university lecturer. Elastos Orchard is the business development hub for Elastos in Europe and is also running a DPoS supernode. All team members share Rong Chen’s vision of building a more modern and independent Internet as the Internet today does not provide sufficient and effective protection on data ownership and intellectual property. By combining their diverse knowledge, skills, and experience, Elastos Orchard offers a broad perspective, better decision-making, confidence in shared responsibility and deep resilience. They hope to see more incredible ideas and dApps flourish within the Elastos ecosystem.




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