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What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? Sep 1 – 30

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? Sep 1 – 30

by YY

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  • 4 Sep – CR Herald published an article to explore the Vouch dApp on elastOS. Vouch provides KYC services and automated identity authentication. The verification results can be used as identity credentials in the decentralised ID system. For example, if there is a need for identity authentication in the Elastos system, users can be associated with an Alipay or WeChat certificate, and real-name authentication is performed indirectly through this certificate. Vouch can achieve KYC at a relatively low cost.


  • Sep 7 – CR Herald published an article to highlight how Elastos is ranked 5th in the CoinMarketCap (CMC) Analytics, 2020, under GitHub Activity rankings, with a total of 7,456 commits submitted in the past year. As the world’s largest open source code hosting platform, GitHub is an important reference for the development of open source projects. Elastos has a large number of code bases on GitHub, covering the main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier and Elastos wallet. For more information on the CMC rankings, please check out the following link:


  • Sep 18 – Another CR Herald article  was published to explore the new version of the Feeds dApp on elastOS. Feeds is composed of two main components. One is the mobile dApp, and the other is the Feeds node. If users want to create their own Feeds, they need to build their own Feeds node, which can be a computer, a VPS or a Raspberry Pi. Some of the latest improvements include displaying the nickname of the user rather than their DID, supporting the editing or deleting of published comments, and checking whether the DID is on chain when the user logs in to the Feeds capsule.



  • Sep 22 – Elastos co-founder Sunny Feng Han participated in the “China-Korea Blockchain Week” event organised by the world’s largest blockchain social platform Biyong, and South Korea’s largest blockchain social platform Bananatok, in conjunction with Jinse Caijing, CoinReaders, and Bishijie. During the event, Sunny discussed the meaning of DeFi and how it is going to evolve in the future based on his perspective that blockchain is forming a new global wealth consensus. He also shared that Elastos is now focusing on the value of data and by combining mainstream traffic with DeFi, Elastos is ready to open up a range of DeFi applications in the near future.


CR Interviews

  • Sep 8 – Elastos DMA is one of the newest elected CR council members, and Brian Xin, leader of Elastos DMA team, shares about his experiences as a CR council member and his views on several key issues such as improving project development processes, transformation and optimization of the tokenomics model, updates on GreenPass development, and expansion of publicity channels for Elastos. Brian also highlighted his article, “The Future of Internet Through the TikTok Crisis” and stressed the importance of a decentralised application that cannot be regulated.

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