Wild Strawberry Supernodes Highlight

We consist of three Supernodes, governed by twelve individuals. We are geographically decentralized just as we strive to decentralize the Supernodes we govern.

At our core, we are just regular people: Software Engineers, Tradesmen, Sales Reps, Financial Advisors, Program Managers, Military and HealthCare Professionals. From across the globe, twelve strangers have joined together because we have the same vision of a better future for our internet, a brighter future for the generations to come. We strive to earn your support, as The Strawberry Supernodes is built by the community, for the community. We are not just citizens, we are citizens of The Cyber Republic!

Our three Supernodes are named after different strains of strawberries which grow wild across the globe. Just like them, we are wild and decentralized.

ATLAS: A wild and resilient strawberry that survives the coldest winters and the deepest of bear markets. There’s a legend that these strawberries grow at the highest elevation of the Atlas Mountains.

CALYPSO: A high-yielding and fast-growing strawberry that has the sweetest taste and grows during all seasons of the year.

APOLLO: A balanced plant with a ripe fruit and strong root. Its seeds are known to grow anywhere you plant them.


Like the Cyber Republic, we found it fitting for the Strawberry Supernodes members to be governed under a written and signed constitution within legal and binding contracts. With a governing structure in place, we believe it will give stability, confidence, transparency, and trust within the community.

Server specification details

What is most important to us is our community and the smart web’s reliability–something you can count on with your eyes closed. This is why we chose to start by hosting our virtual private servers (VPS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of their renowned uptime of over 99% and its solid worldwide infrastructure. All the VPS specifications meet the minimum requirements required by Elastos.

The 3 locations we have chosen to host our nodes are:

Atlas – North America

Calypso – South America

Apollo – Europe

The Strawberry Supernodes will be starting with a very generous promotional DPoS rewards once the voting starts. Please join our public telegram to receive more details on the promotional DPoS reward structure: https://t.me/WildStrawberrySupernodes


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