The whitepaper to the Manhattan Project’s PoC (Proof of Concept) with the World Bank has just been dropped on CR’s Website:

The suggestion has a budget of 1.6M USD, and 100,000 ELA of that funding would come from Cyber Republic. 50,000 ELA has already been provided by Sunny Feng Han himself, and both World Bank and Huawei have promised funding as well but there will be further funding sought out at a later date.

But what is the Manhattan Project?

The Manhattan Project is an investment fund, independent of the Elastos Foundation and Cyber Republic.  Because it is independent, it is not under the same legal obligations as the other two entities. The purpose of the Manhattan Project is to invest for-profit in the Elastos ecosystem by getting early funding for projects that will build the Elastos ecosystem.

We’ve included an exclusive interview with Kevin Zhang–Interim Council Member of Cyber Republic–in this weekly with a special focus on the Manhattan Project.  It is Kevin’s opinion that the three separate entities, Elastos Foundation, Cyber Republic, and the Manhattan Project, all tackle different tasks, and in order for any single one of them to thrive, the other two must succeed as well.  Read more in our Interview section of the Weekly Update.

As for this suggestion, Manhattan Project is hoping to partner with Cyber Republic in order to obtain the needed funds to create the Proof of Concept discussed in their agreement with World Bank. The proof of concept would be to design TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chips that would act as a “Root of Trust.”  The TPM software needs to be developed, and the CPU’s SMM (System Management Mode) needs to be leveraged to “hide” the security code into the SM RAM so that the OS, compromised or not by hackers, cannot be tampered with and controlled. This would utilize Elastos Carrier and trusted nodes to secure the subnet.

According to the formal Suggestion, Elastos’ mainchain and sidechains would be used directly as a base public ledger, without modification, and DID sidechain and ETH sidechain would be used for smart contract and identity.

A new consensus model must be created that is as fast as today’s cloud computing.  Dapps would get similar user experiences as centralized mobile/cloud apps.

In simple terms?  

Hardware, built with Elastos Browser.

However, does a new consensus model mean a new token and architecture separate from Elastos?  Even as a sidechain, it raises some questions.

This is clearly useful for all people and businesses, as Elastos could become the de facto choice of product security.  Use for this would expand from healthcare to banking, government, copyright protection, consumer privacy, 5G and IoT, edge computing and digital asset protection.

Not to mention that additional funding has been promised to come from Huawei and World Bank.

The biggest question at this point remains in the area of token economy and the use of Elastos technology.  Will this be a fork of Elastos? Will this have its own token? Will it truly be part of the Elastos economy and, if not, specifically what parts will diverge and what parts will benefit Elastos directly?

The stated purpose of the Manhattan Project is to build up Elastos’ ecosystem, and the community would need assurance that this new suggestion has clear and direct use-case and benefit to ELA.  With Feng Han and Kevin Zhang playing such prominent roles in the various ecosystems (Elastos and Cyber Republic), the voice of the community will be incredibly important at this juncture, and all questions and concerns need to be raised publicly.  Kevin has stated that the community voice will be most important in funding this suggestion, and he cannot vote for something that does not have the community’s clear support.

The loose roadmap covers about a year of development prior to a project demo, and the team is composed of Feng Han (Co-founder of Elastos), Zhijun Zhang (Chief Security Officer of World Bank Group), Song Bao (GP of Manhattan Project), Kevin Zhang (Former Elastos US Team Lead), Angelos Stavrou (Chief of GMU Cyber Security), and Software Engineers from World Bank, GMU, Huawei, and Elastos.


  1. I’m fully support this project. 1.6M for individual is a lot but for the project itself is just a penny. The name of world bank plus Huawei is worth more than 1.6M

    Community member screaming marketing whole time for past year. Now this is the time to shows unity community support the elastor truth ecosystem.

  2. To be honest I’m a little bit concerned about this. Feng Han & Kevin Zhang doing their own thing with The World Bank & Huawei.

    Possible forking Elastos, diverting from the original Elastos goals and leaving us retail investors holding bags of ELA.

    Does anybody else fell this concern?
    Do we have Rong Chen´s opinion on this matter?


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